Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day, a Bunny First Aid Class and More Fun with the Bun at The Lazy Vegan!

He turns 17 on St. Patrick's Day!
It is crazy how fast a week goes! This one was spent experimenting more with the new Vita Mix blender, including making a raw vegan "cheese" cake! I also went to a Bunny First Aid class at the Humane Society and learned a lot- Wasabi's vet spoke for a long time, too. And Wasabi went to her second "Bunny Playground"! The donks got into the St. Patrick's Day spirit early and Weegie shocked us all by wearing a hat for a few minutes- which is a first! Everyone enjoyed the warm weather and the extra hour of daylight (at least for today). Toby was so busy looking for his ball every time we went outdoors that I managed to somehow not get one photo of him...I will have to make up for that next week! That's Wasabi's vet on the left, giving a lecture about bunny health and medical emergencies. The cute bun in the photo is named Sasha and is up for adoption. She was very mellow!

Lots of kids were at the class and some of them asked some great questions.

An impressive display of bunny info!

Happy Early St. Patrick's Day!! Paco and the foreman!

The Bunny Playground! The photos are not in order. Wasabi really interacted with the other buns this time, but toward the end of the visit she got a bit bossy and chased Harvey, the biggest bunny in the room, around and then proceeded to chase a few other bunnies, nipping at their butts! So we decided to call it a day and left early. Still, the coordinator there said she did very well and that she was just acting like a "typical English Spot"! We'll go back next week to get a lesson on nail trimming. In the photo above she felt comfy enough to engage in some personal grooming!

That's Harvey, a huge white rabbit! I'm rather impressed that Wasabi chased him!

One of the bunnies up for adoption gets cuddled.

These two already have homes. They just came to play!

Rupert and Wasabi! She liked Rupert and kept going up to nudge him. Rupert is all fluff!

So cute!

Hanging out with her new pals!

She still "chinned" everything she could, including this woman's shoe.

That's part of Harvey sticking out of the tunnel. I thought he was a mean bun, but he's just very shy.

Wasabi seemed to enjoy the extra attention!

Exploring a new tunnel with other buns.

Loved the tunnels!

Making sure nobody is in her crate!

Trying to chin the top of the tunnel!

From litter box to litter box!

Showing off for Rupert.

Wondering why Rupert is in her litter box! Doesn't seem to matter that Wasabi's name is on the outside of it!

Wasabi just hopped into Rupert's instead.


Saying hello to the buns who were in a separate cage.

Feeling rather pleased with herself!

Just arriving. This time she wasted no time darting out of the crate!

Boulder loved the warm days.

And so did the donkeys!

Bravo checks out the yard.

Solo lost in the tall grass.

More St. Patrick's Day celebrating! Paco really loves to dress up.

Weegie thinks he looks ridiculous!


For the first time ever...Weegie wears a hat, too!

Weegie ran over to try to block the foreman from taking photos.

All smiles!

All that was missing were some bad Irish jokes.

Paco shows off a different style of hat. These are great hats I find every year at Target in the dollar section- it was one dollar! Perfect for the holidays.

Maybe Paco should become a model, and Weegie could be his agent.

Paco was really into it!

The bow was really supposed to be a bow-tie, but I thought it would be too tight around Paco's neck.

Checking out the gear.

The raw vegan cheesecake I made in the Vita Mix! Cashews, cocount oil, almond milk, agave nectar, lemon and walnuts and dates for the crust!