Sunday, March 28, 2010

Marching toward April at The Lazy Vegan

Claire & Grandma Snap watch Wasabi hang out at the "Bunny Playground"!
Hard to believe it is the last weekend of March! The animals were all busy this week getting ready for Easter. One might think that they have nothing to do to get ready for Easter, but they actually anticipate holidays because they know there will be extra goodies involved! Wasabi had a special photo session just for Easter...so stay tuned for that on next week's blog. The foreman was busy this weekend putting in a new drip irrigation line for his next project, and I spent a great deal of time searching the grocery stores for vegan chocolate eggs and FINALLY found some. After trying some for quality control, I put the rest in a safe spot for next week! Bravo's triumph of the day was using his teeth to tear into the foreman's tennis racket bag to help himself to some much undeserved energy bars. Nice!
Claire does a rabbit pose. Claire got to see one of the bunnies do a binky!

Wasabi was pretty mellow this week, and then spent a long time in the tunnel. But she still managed to try to nip one bun and had a scuffle with another.

Rupert says hello to Grandma Snap while Sadie lounges in Wasabi's litterbox in the background!

Sadie gets some attention from Grandma Snap.

And from Claire.

Sadie, Wasabi and Rupert hang out.

Back at home, relaxing some more.

Prince Boulder gets cuddled.

The foreman's big job.

This is Wasabi's new buddy-bunny! A surprise gift from Aunt Barbara and Uncle Neil!

Wasabi loves her buddy-bunny and even went to the roof top of the Cottontail Cottage to see her.

There she is on the second level, getting ready to take the ramp to the top!

Looking out the window.

Resting at sunset with buddy-bunny and baby-bunny.
Rough life.

I know I'm taking a lot of Wasabi photos for the blog lately, but this is kind-of her holiday week coming up! Here she is in the kitchen. Note the salad green stains on her adorable mouth!

I wish Mama would give me more basil.

"Uh, excuse me! Excuse me? More basil and dill, please. And a bit of mint for my dessert!"

Chomping down some chard.

The rest of the crew hangs out in the living room.

Boulder and pups head up the driveway.

Bravo sporting a new red harness (he lost so much weight that he needed a smaller one!) and a fancy bone-design bandana!
Terriers in action.

Not-so-active donks!

The foreman inspects a walnut-tree sprout that he plans to replant.

Lots of birds out and about. The coyotes are out a lot lately, too. We heard a pack of them very close the other night. I'm not worried about the donkeys now that they're full grown (and STRONG)...but the dogs and cat are staying in at night for sure! And, obviously, the bun!

Cute Weegie.
The foreman spreads seasoned donkey manure all around the veggie garden area.
Boulder makes his way through the grass.

Wasabi right after "buddy-bunny" arrived! At first she was a bit tentative (it looks so real, just like another bun!) but then she was quick to give some kisses!

They look awfully adorable together!
The highlight of lunch time for the dogs- the foreman tosses pieces of carrots!