Sunday, March 7, 2010

Solo Visits the Vet & Wasabi's First Trip to the Bunny Playground at The Lazy Vegan!

Boulder greets the day!
Some exciting things going on at The Lazy Vegan in the first week of March! Since we closed an escrow, we celebrated by buying a Vita Mix blender (for me) and a "Soda Stream" soda maker (for the foreman...he uses it to make sparkling water out of plain, ordinary water!). Solo went for his annual exam at the vet and was a stellar patient. I, on the other hand, was not a very good nurse when I had to bring in a stool sample and then failed at my first attempt to "capture" a urine sample...so most of Saturday morning was spent zooming back and forth to the vet while waiting for poor Solo to drink enough water to have to pee again! And, the most exciting event of all: Little Miss Wasabi went to the "Bunny Playground" at the Humane Society for the first time! She was a brave bun. She spent the first fifteen minutes or so in her carrier before coming out to investigate. And then she "chinned" (rabbits swipe their chin over things to leave their scent glands and to pronounce the item "theirs") absolutely everything in the room! She also got a bit assertive with other rabbits, so I had to use a metal spatula thing to keep her separated. All in all it was a great first outing...we'll go back soon!
Smiley Paco.

The donkeys' nostrils are huge- just look at them!

The beautiful duo.

One of the cool things about going to the bunny playground was meeting the mama of Tulip, Chai Latte & Coconut- bunnies we know from "BunSpace"! The bunnies weren't there, but their "mama" and "papa" came specifically to meet Wasabi and brought her this gift of fresh greens from their garden!

Oreo and a black bunny (forget his name) get double pets.

These photos are not in order. This is toward the end of the visit. A rabbit named Daffney had hopped into Wasabi's carrier when Wasabi got out of it- and she stayed there the entire time, taking a nap! Finally we had to take the top off the carrier to get her to move so we could put Wasabi back in for the ride home!

That's Daffney, looking quite comfy in the carrier while Wasabi looks on.

Tulip, Chai Latte & Coconut's mama took all these photos!

Wasabi investigates the leopard print tunnel while Harvey, a huge white rabbit with red eyes and quite a temper, peeks out of the Magic Dream cottage.
Wasabi wanted to get back in her carrier but Daffney wouldn't allow it!
See the metal round thing I am holding? That's to separate rabbits if they start to fight. I was very nervous about anything happening!

It took Wabs a while to realize she couldn't get Daffney out of her carrier, so she eventually hopped on and went to check out the tunnels and toys.

Here she is "chinning" the edge of the tunnel. She was obsessed with chinning.

Once she was comfortable roaming around, she really started to take control and was a bit bossy with other buns!! A few people said that was typical of an English Spot. Most agreed she was part English Spot and Hotot.

She really loved this tunnel. I might have to buy her one!

Inside the tunnel.

Getting attention from one of the bunny parents.
There were lots of bunnies in the room- you really can't tell from any of these photos. Some were separated in other cages and are slowly getting socialized.

There were many adorable bunnies, but I think Wasabi was one of the cutest (naturally)!

Saying hello to another bun.

Daffney really loved Wasabi's carrier!

Smelling and chinning EVERYTHING....she even chinned a guy's shoe as he sat there!

Daffney was awfully cute. She was about half the size of Wasabi.

A black and white bun named Oreo kept following Wabs around, and she finally got irritated by that.

Wabs chinning another bun's litter box.
These two girls loved Wabs!
I know I took way too many photos, but it is not every day you get to go to the bunny playground!

Inside another tunnel.

Hanging out with the pair of girls.

First venturing out of the carrier.

Riding in the Beetle on the way there!

We can't wait to go back! Next weekend I am taking a "Bunny 101 First Aid" class at the Humane Society...can't wait for that!
I have to say that the Vita Mix blender is AWESOME!!! I have wanted one for years but could never justify spending so much $ on a blender. But it is really an extraordinary blender...here is peanut butter I made from just peanuts in ONE minute!

Here it is! Quite the machine.

I made chocolate ice cream out of cashew milk and orange sorbet.

And amazing vegan "naucho cheese" sauce!! I also made hummus and minestrone soup that got hot in the blender itself. The thing sounds like a rocket when it is turned on!

From food to...Solo's urine sample! Second try. The foreman snapped this photo while I was taking my third trip of the morning to the vet.

Solo headed to the vet! For an almost thirteen year old dog, he got a pretty good health report!

The foreman puts together his fancy new soda machine!

Bravo and Boulder share the warmth from the heater vent on a chilly morning.

Miss Wasabi relaxes in the kitchen.

Three vultures hold a meeting on the wire.

A visit from Paul! Wasabi showed off how she tosses her toys.
And how she stands up for her banana treat!

Bravo was so happy to see Paul!