Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring has Sprung at The Lazy Vegan!

Prince Boulder loves his naps!
Spring has sprung at The Lazy Vegan! The lawnmowers are out everywhere in the neighborhood and the trees are in blossom. It is always a sure sign of Spring when Mower Man (a.k.a. the foreman) appears, driving around the property for hours. Mower Man became Gardener Man when he weeded the garden (I put in about an hour's worth of time- but he gets credit for doing most of that fun job) and got it all set to be planted. This year we will definitely be planting a special Wasabi section with all of her favorite herbs and lettuce! It was a perfect week to head into the new season with wonderful weather and happy animals! Early evening dust bath time.

Mower Man and Solo!

Mower Man and Toby!

Wasabi went to the Bunny Playground again! This time she was really relaxed- she only chased two bunnies.

Wasabi and Lola. LOVE the different bunny names!

I forget this bun's name...she came to say hello to Wasabi while Wasabi was busy lounging.

Lola lounges with another bun.

Mackey sneaks up on Wasabi.

You can see how relaxed Wasabi was by her position!

She even decided at one point to flop down and lounge in the tunnel, thus blocking the use of it for the other buns!

One of the main bunny volunteers, Chris, showed me his technique for picking up bunnies.

Chris also trimmed Wasabi's nails while I held her!

Wasabi was pretty good. I had a FIRM grip on her.

Some of the bunnies up for adoption get special petting time.

Wasabi hangs out in a tunnel with another bun.

Oreo and Wasabi touch noses.

This time Wasabi only "chinned" a few things!

She said hello to Gustav's "mom" - she knows Gustav from "Bunspace".

Visiting the donkeys in the morning.

There is nothing like having a donkey rest his head in your lap! Paco is so cute when he is sleepy.

Uh, we're not spoiled or anything!

I wish Weegie would lounge next to me, but he never has. He's shy about those things.

Now I know what a dork I look like when I see something cute! I was pointing out Luigi's yawn to the foreman.

Best way to start the day!

The foreman was also "Burn Man"...he did several burn piles.

Snap puts air in her bike tire before our bike/run...what a PROFESSIONAL!

We had a great visit with clients of ours who have become friends. A wonderful family with adorable kids!

Both hands should always have a cookie!

The foreman gives a swing demo.

The swing was a big hit!

I love how the donkeys are part of the landscape.

Everyone got many turns!

Wasabi was a good sport with new visitors.

The foreman hauls off a wheelbarrow of weeds from the garden.

It never fails to amuse me when Paco sits this way.

Turks and donks.

Mower Man hard at work!

A visit from our friend Shawn. Love how Wasabi "does her business" while we watch t.v.!