Sunday, April 11, 2010

April Showers at The Lazy Vegan

I can't wait to see the flowers that May brings after all the showers April has had! It was a wet week with just a few dry spells at The Lazy Vegan. At one point the donkeys decided to brave the elements and went out of the barn to graze, despite fairly heavy rain. I think the green grass is too hard to pass up. There they are above, working their way around the pasture. The pups, on the other hand, barely tolerate getting their paws damp let alone wet- so getting them out to do their biz is quite the chore when it rains. Why pee outside when you can perhaps slink around a corner indoors and do your biz there? Likewise with Boulder- he will instead hibernate all day and only go out when it is dry. For the second weekend in a row we skipped the Bunny Playground. Wasabi will have to go next week to get caught up with all the news with her bunny friends!
Boulder and my running shoes dry off by the heater vent.

Hanging out with Wasabi while she munches on some hay.

She paused to give me a little kiss!

The foreman worked on a plumbing issue while the pups ran madly around the house.

Boulder is always a big help.

The foreman and Paul watch golf with Wasabi.

Wasabi gets a treat from Paul!

This is Wasabi's expression when she realizes that treat time is over!

Bravo hopes dinner time is near.

The foreman took out a small tree that wasn't doing well in the pasture. The donkeys charged down the hill to help out.

Paco did his part by munching on the dead tree.

The other day it was really fun to watch this squirrel hanging out. I love to watch the squirrels- they're really cute and busy and WOW can they climb trees!
Very busy eating.

The squirrels remind me a bit of rabbits with certain mannerisms they have.
Look at the hands/paws!

When it was sunny the birds hung out by the fountain.

I saw Snap off at the Airporter bus - she headed off for her yoga & writing retreat in Taos, New Mexico!

There she is- all prepared for the yoga part of the retreat!

One relaxed bunny.

REALLY relaxed.

Wasabi likes to wedge herself in corners and odd places to nap.

Boulder and a deer friend.

And a Happy 50th Birthday to Dan in Heaven!!!!!