Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy (HOPPY) Easter at The Lazy Vegan!!

The pups line up to get an Easter treat!
Happy (HOPPY!!) Easter!! Despite being a rainy day, everyone enjoyed an Easter celebration at The Lazy Vegan. We had breakfast (vegan donut holes...yum, yum) and then lounged around. I decided not to take Wasabi to her weekly bunny playground due to the weather- so she got an extra carrot treat, instead! We missed seeing the Tomashefsky crew for the annual egg hunt and hope to put on a super big egg hunt (all vegan eggs, naturally) next year...but the foreman did find four old eggs from egg hunts years ago while trimming plants!
Posing with a yellow bunny!

This is Karina's special little bunny...NOT a gift for Wasabi!

Getting extra attention from Grandma Snap.

Of course I had to wear my bunny ears...it is tradition!

Lots of formal posing for photos this year!

The bunny ears really stand out. Maybe I should always wear them!

Opening gifts from Grandma Snap (a.k.a. The Easter Bunny!).

The foreman held Solo all through breakfast.

Paul shows off his "Herbivore" bunny shirt.

Laughing at the bunny photos.

Really getting into the Easter spirit!

We went up to visit Wasabi, but it was her quiet time of day- so she just took her carrot and politely hopped off to eat it.
Boulder woke up from one of his naps just in time to join the fun!

Eating breakfast. The bottle of ketchup on the table is always a nice touch.

On Saturday at 4:30 in the morning I missed a step and fell and sprained my ankle- the same ankle I sprained a few months ago. Needless to say it really hurt and will keep me from running for a while. But in a way it was perfect timing for the holiday...because I spent some time hopping!
One Easter Bunny you don't want to mess with.
Claire, Karina, Nick and a display of vegan donuts!

The annual Easter donkey photos!
Even Weegie wore a pair of ears. He's really branching out lately.

This was before the rain came. The boys seemed happy to display their bunny ears along with their own beautiful long ears!

Easter Donkeys!

A rare sighting of an Easter Bunny/foreman working in the yard.

Some of the eggs the foreman found from years past.

Boulder and Bravo nap together.

"Excuse me...isn't this holiday really all about ME?"

Wasabi climbs up the foreman for her banana treat!

Wasabi loves to lounge with her bunny buddy and also loves to groom her...it is really cute.

Friends came over during the week for lunch and to see the foreman show off his new soda machine!

Wasabi celebrates Easter!

Checking out all the eggs.

One curious little bun!