Sunday, April 18, 2010

Another Wonderful Lazy Vegan Week!

Princess Wasabi lounges with her "baby bun" down in the kitchen!
Another week has passed at The Lazy Vegan! Nothing terribly exciting new to report. The foreman worked on an elusive plumbing problem. I went to the dentist and on the way home got a ticket for failure to come to a complete stop at a stop sign in the tiny, tiny little village of Graton. The policeman looked like he was barely of driving age himself and actually put on the siren and used the intercom radio thing to tell me to pull over - so it was quite a public display for me and my Beetle! I actually had stopped, but then immediately crept forward to try to see around a big truck on my left. But you know how it goes with tickets...there's never any way to talk oneself out of getting it! Wasabi was busy this week with some "bunstruction" - that's construction for rabbits. She put some holes in the sheetrock behind the couch upstairs, and the foreman spent a long time patching them. Hopefully she'll leave the wall alone for a while. And the most exciting bit of info- the first FLY PREDATORS of the season arrived in the mail! Those are those tiny little bugs that I release into the pasture and they eat fly eggs, thus helping keep the pesty fly population down. While one might think this is a tad on the un-vegan side, it is important for the welfare of Paco & Luigi to have less flies bothering them all season long!

Hanging out in the kitchen!

The foreman fixes the plumbing and then patches the hole in the wall!

Wrestling with the hefty Luigi.

The usual pose with Paco.


The donks love it when we come visit in the pasture.

Lazing around in the sunshine.

I always laugh when Paco sits like this...it is SO funny looking!

Boulder walks his little route around the terrace.

The foreman playing harmonica.

Bravo and Toby squeeze into the same bed!

Vulture! This is why I won't be taking Wasabi outdoors unless I can make it SUPER safe.

Crazy Toby!

Solo sings!

Wasabi takes the time to smell the flowers...even a fake one.

Up on the roof of the Cottontail Cottage, checking out the view!

Total relaxation.
Approaching Wasabi's "warren".

Very frisky donkeys!
Paco with his tongue hanging out- what a silly donkey.

A rare quiet moment for Toby.

The birds all look well-fed this year.

It was an exciting week for Wasabi- she got a drawing in the mail from Emily!

Emily did a great job on sounding out "Wasabi the bunny".

Wasabi really liked the drawing - and even nibbled on it a bit. I put it in a safe place for her future art collection!

Boulder at two different times of the day, catching some rays!