Sunday, April 25, 2010

There's Nothing Like the Season of Spring at The Lazy Vegan!

Making new friends at the bunny playground!
"Nosebonks" with a bunny named Claire!
Spring is really an amazing time. Suddenly there are nests and babies everywhere...on my walk one morning, a neighbor pointed out to me a nest that a wild turkey had built close to the road. We peered into it and saw at least 12 huge eggs- she had wandered off when the neighbor's dog got too close, but came back later, and I saw her sitting on the nest this morning! Too bad I didn't have my camera with me. There are baby quail running around in the pasture with their parents, and a young jack rabbit has been hanging out very close to the house - I think he wants to come play with Wasabi! He is adorable- I've never seen a jack rabbit hang out so close to our house before- which makes me think it has something to do with the fact that we now have a house rabbit! The donks are doing their spring time shedding (poor Paco has bald spots on his little rump) and so are the dogs. Boulder is the only one who doesn't seem too bothered by the change of season- as long as he gets his regular naps in, it doesn't matter what the weather is! We went to the bunny playground today! There were quite a few new bunnies up for adoption- sadly, because of the Easter holiday, when too many people get bunnies and then realize they can't care for them forever.

This is one of the new bunnies up for adoption- her name is Cynthia.

As soon as we got there, Wasabi felt the need to do some personal grooming!

Wasabi soaks up the extra attention!

More bunnies up for adoption get cuddled by volunteers.

Oh, the sight of green grass!

While the foreman continued to work on a plumbing issue upstairs, Wasabi spent some days downstairs in the kitchen. She loves hopping up to the roof top to check things out.

Wasabi's latest "bunstruction" project- taking out the inside of her new tunnel!

Time for a parsley break.

Nothing to do but graze all day!

Bravo takes a moment to pause - or is it "paws" - to think while chewing his bone.

Sneaking the new growth on the grape vine!

Paco and the foreman.

Solo on his way to the vet- he went to get his blood tested again. We won't have the results till next week.
Here are a few photos from Snap's amazing trip to Taos, New Mexico, to attend the writing & yoga workshop taught by Natalie Goldberg!

Holding up Natalie's book!

Taking a batik class in Taos!

Windows painted by D.H. Lawrence at the place where Snap stayed!

The Mabel Dodge Luhan house, where the workshop was. Snap took lots of really great photos and it sounded like a really cool trip!
A jack rabbit sighting! This one was much bigger than the smaller one who has been hanging closer to the house- I have yet to capture him/her on film.
"Uh, excuse me...can Wasabi come out to play today?"

The birds blend in.

I found this bird nest on the ground in the donkey barn! It was empty, of course- I picked it up because I figured it was probably already sniffed/stepped on by the donkeys and a bird wouldn't be using it again. Speaking of birds, we had two birds make their way into the house this week. One day I came home to find a bird inside upstairs with Wasabi! She was trying to find the open window to get out. I managed to pick her up and put her out without any problems. The second bird was harder- the foreman had to help with that- we used the net that we use to clean the hot tub with to get her out safely.

Nothing like a bunstruction project!
A deer blends in. The wild animals have a knack for blending in with their surroundings!
Boulder likes to nap near the door now.
Some type of purple wild flower that comes up every year in the pasture.
No lack of green grass this year!

Wasabi checks out her new tunnel. It is actually a mold used for cement- I got it at Home Depot (I got the idea from the tunnels at the bunny playground).

Look closely- that's a wild turkey flying- Luigi chased him out of the pasture!

It is the time of year when the male wild turkeys do a lot of parading around.

Weegie at the waterer.
The foreman practices his golf swing!