Sunday, May 9, 2010

Celebrating Snap's Birthday & Happy Mother's Day at The Lazy Vegan!

Another week of fun has passed at The Lazy Vegan! With Mother's Day and Snap's early birthday, there was a lot of celebrating to be done! In between all of that Toby bravely survived having a tooth pulled and Wasabi went to the bunny playground and did a BINKY for all to see! Patty came down for a day and night (this is becoming an annual Mother's Day ritual) and we walked downtown to browse the shops and go out to dinner...then breakfast the next morning. This is an annual event I could get really used to!
She does't act or look a day over 50! I thought this shirt was perfect for Mother's Day: "Bacon had a MOM"!
Displaying some of the Mother's Day gifts!

I think it is amusing that we give the exact same thing- very smart of us!

It was a bit of a shock to wake up on Mother's Day and find RAIN! But it didn't prevent us from walking downtown for a yummy breakfast!

It is important to have a stylish umbrella!

At the bunny playground! This pair is a "bonded pair" up for adoption- Jackie & Mabel- SO cute!

Wasabi introduced herself to a very young bunny up for adoption.

I had forgotten to bring her litter box, so Wasabi made use of one belonging to another bun!

Wasabi was really full of herself this week. Here she looks at three bunnies in a tunnel.

Wasabi waits for some petting!

Snap opens her b-day gifts!

Cake time!

Joking it up!

The buddha helped blow out the candle.
Looking over the impressive list of books Snap recently read.

Nick and Karina pose by the cake.

We came back from dinner to discover two of Snap's neighbor cats getting cozy in her backyard.

Browsing in a store called Silk Moon- which is also becoming a bit of a tradition!

Posing with purses.

The store has expanded and is now huge and packed with scarves and clothes and fun things.

Earlier in the week, Boulder soaked up the sun while laying on top of the hot tub lid.

The foreman waters the flowers in the window box while Wasabi finishes dinner.

Striking a pup pose.

Sitting on the garden bench. I have no idea what Toby was up to!

Look at the adorable fuzzy head on this bird!

Toby was right back to his ball after having his tooth pulled.

Bravo hopes something good to eat will fall his way.

Karina sits with Toby a few hours after his surgery.

Poor guy was really out of it for a while- very groggy!

I love his little bandage from where his I.V. was.

Heading off to the vet. What a trooper! He took his ball in with him.

It is a full-time job for Boulder to find different napping spots.

No lack of grazing this year!

Daisies in the pasture.

Wasabi spends some quality time with the foreman.

Hanging out in her willow tent on the balcony!

Every birdie loves the fountain.

Toby decided to take a nap in the towel basket in the bathroom.

Every Sunday the foreman and I have a little competition going on when we take down the garbage cans...we try to race one another down the driveway. This week he won. That's not always the case, however!

I thought I was a good loser.

The foreman's technique for cramming down the recycling.
I lost because I was too busy taking photos! Poor Solo didn't make the blog this week- I took plenty of photos of him but none of them came out...so he gets a starring role next week!