Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hooray for the Arrival of May at The Lazy Vegan!

Hooray for May! It is here and with it the flowers that the April showers were supposed to bring. The week started off wet, though- and the donkeys had to endure a vet visit for their seasonal shots in the rain. Paco did his usual drama donkey routine but didn't manage to kick anyone or break free- this time we had a better plan and tied him literally to the barn so he couldn't move around much. It was over in seconds! (Still took three grown men to manage him, however- miniature donkeys are SUPER strong). In other highlights this week, I have been keeping an eye on the mother turkey sitting on her nest of eggs. She is really close to the road but built the nest deep in some vines at the base of a tree- so it actually looks pretty secure and she really blends in - you would never know she was there. I read that turkeys sit on their eggs for 28 days and after the babies hatch they head out into the world within 24 hours- pretty amazing! I still haven't tried to take a photo because I really don't want to get to0 close. I tell her she's doing a good job when I walk by! Maybe the babies will be ready to hatch in time for Mother's Day!
Sunday morning on the terrace!

The foreman and Bravo on the lounge chairs.
A very large, beautiful raven.

Getting kisses from Wasabi!

And Wasabi gets a kiss from the foreman.
Hanging out in the kitchen. She likes to face the living room where the dogs are!

That's the backside of Miz Wasabi as she heads down her tunnel.

So sweet- a happy May Day bouquet from the girls down the road!
Solo helps me show off one of the first blooming roses.
My "flower child" pose!
The foreman presents me with the rose!

The dogs help plant the veggie garden. They're great diggers.

A visit from Karina & Nick!

Wasabi takes a potty break while the Discovery channel is on.

The birds love to hang out on poor Sancho's head!

Please, oh please, oh please, please toss my ball!

This is a cat with absolutely no agenda.

Karina proves you never outgrow swinging!

Posing in the garden.

Bravo being brave during the dreaded bath time!

Solo waits his turn for a bath.

Wasabi likes to wedge herself between her belongings.

Potty time (in her personalized litter box!).

Three young deer spent a morning at The Lazy Vegan.

"What a nice veggie garden those Rousseaus have going on!"

Basking in the sun!

Lunch time on the terrace.

Boulder's silly yawn.

Toby doing the usual routine!
Another week of napping has gone by for Boulder.
I baked some excellent vegan banana bread!

Deer on the left, donkeys on the right.

Bravo and Boulder nap together.
Solo is quite energetic these days- he now is taking an herbal supplement for his liver.

Planning their day in the doorway of the barn.
The foreman and Paco - AFTER the vet left.

Luigi's turn- you can't see him, but he's in the barn getting his shots!

Paco's turn.

One, two, three...three grown men and one small donkey! This time the vet actually "growled" at Paco, which seemed to calm him down a bit.
Still, it always takes longer with Paco. Done till November now- these were shots for West Nile virus, rabies, and a 4-way equine vaccine.

Waiting (in the rain) for the vet to show up. The donks KNEW something was up!

Standing around wet in the barn. I never really thought about this part of living with donkeys before we got them. But it is worth it!

The foreman gives Paco a pre-vet pep talk.

Paco wasn't really buying it, though.
Walking in the rain before the vet arrives...look at all that yummy grass!

Bravo and Boulder in the garden.

Planting away!

Bravo decides the tomato food looks pretty darn good!

And the strawberries look good, too!