Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Merry May Week of Mowing and Other Fun Stuff at The Lazy Vegan

Wasabi with her new pal, Digby!
This week ended with another fun outing at The Bunny Playground! Wasabi didn't do a binky this week, but a big white bunny named Harvey was doing binkies all over the place- it was hilarious! Wasabi met some more new friends and hung out with a cute black and white bun named Digby for a long time. In other Lazy Vegan news, this past week our new washer & dryer arrived- very exciting- never have I been so happy to do laundry! Since at least two weeks of dirty laundry had piled up, I was using the new machines a lot. A few days later our microwave suddenly quit. The appliances are having a revolution of sorts! I still haven't replaced the toaster that died a couple of weeks ago. Anyway, I guess that sort of info isn't quite blog-worthy. But what IS blog-worthy is the fact that Snap rode her bike to "Bike to Work" day - at least 16 miles round trip! A very impressive effort, and she got a free tote bag to prove she was there! All weekend long Mower Man was hard at work after replacing the blades on the rider mower. Just in time, too- the grass was really tall and I was worried about the dogs getting a fox tail in one of their ears. I'm trying to stay away from the vet for a while!

Getting cozy with Digby!

Wasabi hopes she'll be invited to play.

Saying hi to the two bunny babies!
Relaxing in her favorite leopard tunnel.

The foreman snapped these photos of me carrying Wasabi back to her "warren" upstairs. She looks so cute being held but she hates it and I always keep a super firm grip- check out the size of those powerful back thumper legs- she could easily get away if I wasn't super careful!

I have to wear my glasses a lot more often now because of Wasabi's fur...it gets stuck in my contacts. But that's o.k. with me. In fact, I will probably switch to glasses here full-time soon. It bothers my vegan-self that contact lenses are tested on animals...on RABBITS!!
Bravo proudly shows off the new Frigidaire stackable washer & dryer. It is actually a superior machine to our old Maytag Neptune...and energy efficient, too!
Luigi being silly.
A two-headed donkey.

The donkeys had a lot of fun this week. They love seeing Mower Man out on the riding mower...Paco did an fancy display of kicking and running when he saw him!

What cute little mugs!

The foreman...a.k.a. Mower Man...checks in with Wasabi.

Bravo and Boulder relax on the couch. We're fighting a losing battle to keep the dogs off of the back couch cushions.

Time to rest!

Heading for the photographer.

Snap with her Bike-to-Work tote bag! We recreated the scene when we met for our weekly bike ride/run!

Toby before the grass was cut.
AND NOW, we present to you...Solo with his Shadow!

Mower Man!

Boulder on the cabin deck.
Paco was in a feisty mood this week. He would race over to me when I tried to take some photos.

The jokes are always funniest around the water hole.

See that little brown and white dog? That's Bravo headed home after a long "escaped" period when he went wandering. He returned with a mouthful of pieces of carrots I had put out for the donkeys! He tried to act all casual, but I knew something was up when I saw his cheeks bulging.

Wasabi climbs up the foreman for her banana bite!

Sunset potty time.
Boulder on the prowl.
Solo hobbles over the rocks.

One of Boulder's favorite resting spots.

In the kitchen. Soon we have to introduce Wasabi to other rooms in the house.

Workers hard at work in the vineyard across from us.

Luigi rests while Paco stands by the tree!