Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Strawberry-Stealing Squirrel in the Last Week of May at The Lazy Vegan

The farrier gives the boys a "thumbs up" for being relatively good during the appointment!
All of the foreman's hard work is paying off with the beautiful landscaping!

We have a thief amongst us at The Lazy Vegan...a fearless furry one with a fuzzy tail! One brave squirrel has been making regular sneaky trips into the garden to score ripe strawberries. This week I finally captured him or her on camera. Between the birds and squirrels, there are hardly any strawberries left for us to enjoy! But that's o.k., as long as our animal friends are enjoying them. Nothing else much new to report this week...it was the same old routine- lots of lounging & eating (for all creatures!). Wasabi had a great time at the bunny playground today but I got to witness my first "bunny fight" - two bunnies went at each other and within seconds there was a cloud of fur everywhere! Scary. Luckily neither one was hurt, but the other rabbits scurried for shelter . The bunny who started the little encounter was an English Spot, just like Wasabi- and she's up for adoption- but maybe they should wait till she's a bit more socialized!

The morning nap routine.

One of Wasabi's wild friends!

Bravo gets tuckered out in the heat.

Hugs and ear rubs!

Boulder thinks about getting up.
Post-dinner lounging in the kitchen.

Kisses for her "papa"!

Having a grand old time with a bunny named Cynthia.

Getting adored!
This was funny- Wasabi hopped into another bun's litterbox and just stayed there with him for a long time!

That's Angela, the English Spot who caused the commotion. So she had to hang out by herself for a bit!
Today I got to help bring in some bunnies up for adoption into the bunny playground room. That included getting Harvey into his crate. It took me a couple of tries, but I finally was able to get him. Harvey is huge! While I was doing this, Wasabi was hanging out with volunteers!
I love seeing kids get used to being around bunnies.

Wasabi and a bunny named Claire.

When we first arrive, Wasabi usually hops into a tunnel to groom herself!

The silly Lazy Vegan couple.
The strawberry-stealing squirrel in action!
Very speedy little squirrel.
That's a pretty big strawberry, too!
Acting all innocent on the pine tree.

Just hanging out in the barn.
The afternoon dust bath!

The foreman adds some rebar to the fence. Paco has been doing a lot of fence rearranging- so he wasn't too happy to see it being secured.

Weegie didn't care, though. He took a dust bath while the foreman worked.

The grass is starting to disappear!
Sometimes the terriers look well-trained...but we know the truth!
Kisses for her "mama"!

It's hard to find a piece of furniture in our house that doesn't include a lounging animal!

Bravo especially likes to hop up after the bed has been neatly made.

Boulder insists on sleeping right next to our pillows these days.

The words "pampered pup" seems to fit here.

There are now sheep at the top of our lane - so cute!

We all survived a thunderstorm earlier in the week. Solo didn't howl then but saved it for later.

Bravo helps himself to a green strawberry.

Miz Wasabi, her Royal-Rabbit-Highness!
Boulder and Wasabi!