Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wasabi Visits the Garden, The Foreman Fixes a Water Line & Grandma Snap Stops by the Bunny Playground at The Lazy Vegan

Grandma Snap with Wasabi and a bunny named Cynthia!
It was a pretty exciting week here at The Lazy Vegan with Wasabi's FIRST visit to the great outdoors...in the safety of the vegetable garden! She was a brave bunny with the donkeys nearby and all the sounds and smells of being out under the big blue sky. After going indoors to recuperate a bit, it was time for the bunny playground...so off we zoomed in the Beetle. It was fun having Grandma Snap show up! But by that time Wasabi was a little more interested in chasing other bunnies than in playing, so we called it a day. In other news this week, the foreman accidentally dug into a water line and then fixed it- he's quite the master at that! The donkeys got several long brushing sessions and are looking sleeker. And the pups and Boulder did what they do best...lounged! Not a bad way to spend the week!

Lots of bunnies racing around.

Holding Wasabi is the "mama" of some of Wasabi's Bunspace bunny friends! She scooped up Wasabi just as she was trying to chase and nip a gray bunny named Aurora- for some reason she doesn't care for Aurora. At this point we decided to call it a day!

Wasabi was excited to see her grandma there.

Hanging out with Rupert!

Of course Wasabi had to hop around and "chin" the tunnels and things.

Still hanging out with Rupert.

TOO CUTE- Rupert and Wasabi both grooming themselves!

Lots of activity at the playground this week.
Wasabi in the Great Outdoors!!

She spent a lot of time under the garden bench, which is perfectly fine.
Hopping over to see the foreman!

I put up extra fencing and we never left her side.

She was a curious bun.

But also a cautious one!

Getting comforted by her "papa".

And offered a fresh strawberry from her "mama"!

It was a lot for one bun to take in, so we kept it short.

Next time we'll take her out longer and let her check out HER section of the garden, too!
The shedding donkeys lounge.

A statue in Wasabi's section of the garden!

Boulder relaxing in the sun.

Lately Boulder insists on sleeping up by our pillows instead of at the bottom of the bed. This makes making the bed a bit difficult in the morning when he is usually still sleeping. So I just make it around him with him still in it!

The morning hot tub time.

Little hummingbird.

And a little Junco.

The same bird...he kept flying from tree to tree and was squawking, so I had to keep taking photos!

Heading toward me for some brushing!

Time for hugs.

The foreman - a.k.a. the plumber - explains the difference between the old water pipe and the new.
It is always cause for celebration when fixing the leak works! My job is to stand by the newly fixed pipe while the foreman walks down the driveway to turn the main water line back on. I'm supposed to yell if it leaks. My "code word" for leaking this time was "Arkansas" (who knows why). Luckily, I did not have to yell "Arkansas", since the pipe did not leak!

Wasabi climbs up her her banana bite. You can't tell from the photo, but there are bunnies on my pajamas!

I've discovered that little flannel baby blankets are great for Wasabi and for the dogs...everyone likes a little piece of soft cotton to lounge with!
Post-dinner resting time.
I made vegan sushi this week!

Wasabi was right there in the kitchen to help.
Snuggle time.

Wasabi tries to pretend she's interested in the basket ball game!

This week we rescued a squirrel - the poor thing had broken a limb or something and wasn't able to run. The foreman was able to get her into a crate. We called the wildlife rescue group and they came right away. Sadly, though, the squirrel didn't make it through the night.
Taking a short nap with part of the zoo crew!