Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Trip to the Emergency Vet, a Begging Bunny and a Hot Ending to June at The Lazy Vegan

Wasabi chills out with her "baby" bun downstairs in the kitchen!
It was too hot to consider going to the Bunny Playground this weekend with Wasabi, so instead we set up her own private playground in the kitchen, which remained surprisingly cool with my technique of leaving all the windows open all night long and them shutting them in the a.m. The thing about her spending all day in the kitchen is that she's becoming a BEGGING bunny. Every time I open the fridge or a cabinet door she scurries to my side and "stands up" and BEGS!!! It is very cute, and she definitely communicated to me the other day when I was preparing her salad. I had started to put together her salad when Boulder began to meow non-stop. I usually feed Wasabi first, then Boulder, then the dogs, then the donkeys ...and then the foreman. Anyway, I stopped making the salad and started to get out the cat food instead. Suddenly I heard a loud grunt from Wasabi. I looked down and she looked RIGHT at me and lifted up one of her back legs and THUMPED!!! She was not pleased that she was going to be fed second in line! I've read about rabbits using their "thumps" to communicate with the people they live with- and she definitely has it down. The next day I got a brochure from the House Rabbit Society talking about a seminar on "Advanced Rabbit Speak"!!! I don't think I need to go - I think it is pretty clear what she's saying!
In other Lazy Vegan news, we started off the weekend early with an emergency trip to the vet for Solo. He had torn a toenail up high and it was bleeding non-stop. I was able to utilize something I'd learned in my CPR class for pets, so that was good...and little old Solo was a brave fella. He gets to go back in a few days to get the nail cut off even more. Never a dull moment around here!
Taking time out to try out the swing!

I think the foreman looks like he's eight years old when he swings.

The barren pasture...all the grass is gone. Hard to believe it will ever be back, but it always does return!

Paco was giving me the stare-down. He knew I had no carrots to offer.

The foreman checks in with the boys.

Hot all weekend- but what a beautiful blue sky!

We went to the wedding reception of Shawn & Lise at the Francis Ford Coppola winery in Geyserville!

There were cupcakes instead of a wedding cake, and this young man was having a tough time figuring out which flavor to pick!

So many choices...

So hard to decide!

Finally, lemon prevails!
They weren't vegan, so we couldn't partake. They sure looked good, though.

The happy couple!

Cassius and Lily.

Cassius took this photo of us.

On the way there!
The canine patient recuperates.

My little old Solo!
They took him away from me immediately and left me in the little exam room. Above is a pair of my socks- I learned this in my CPR class- I took one sock, wadded it up and stuffed it into the toe of the other sock and then used bandage tape to secure it on Solo's foot to absorb the blood. It worked great, but obviously I threw out the socks aftewards!

I snapped a quick photo before we headed off the vet. Solo displays the sock bandage.

Snuggling with the foreman!

Relaxing in her upstairs warren with the t.v. on.
The begging bun!

Solo before his little accident.

Sometimes I catch the neighbor's cat sleeping in the corral!
Nap time in a bit of shade.

The donkeys actually don't mind the heat - I'm amazed when I see them napping in the full sun, right next to one another!
They sure are good pals.

Begging AGAIN!

Waiting for the fridge to open again!

Handsome Boulder.
Wasabi realizes is isn't dinner time yet.

Lately Boulder has been sitting in the dog basket of toys- so I emptied it out for him.

What a crew!
This bunny pose is really adorable and it is hard not to laugh when I see it. She stands on her back legs and puts her front legs up. Sometimes she crosses the front legs. SO CUTE!

She does get a treat a lot of times when she does this- so she's no fool!

Trying to have a chat with Bravo.

Toby all set to play ball.
Relaxing in the cool early evening.

The crew again on another lounging night.

Weegie scores some grape leaves.
There's never a lack of places to flop!

Spotted! A young jack rabbit zooms by the garden.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Searching for a Bunny Companion for Wasabi & Happy Father's Day at The Lazy Vegan!

Wasabi's Happy Father's Day card to the foreman!
June is zooming along at The Lazy Vegan and another week has flown by. This week included a bunny-date day for Wasabi! We took her to the Humane Society on Wednesday to have a date with Lenny, the little black bunny she's been hanging out with at the Bunny Playground. Well, it turned out that they're not too keen with one another's company when it is just the two of them. Apparently rabbits are quite fussy about what partner they decide to be with! So we'll just be patient and wait to see what happens. It could very well be that Wasabi enjoys being an "only bun". The foreman enjoyed a quiet Father's Day but still managed to sneak in some work and played (and won) a tennis match!

Does this look like a Father's Day activity? The foreman shovels up some weeds while the donkeys watch.

Giving Paco a Father's Day smooch!

Carrot treat time!
The awkward pose of getting up from a dust bath.

Wasabi in deep thought.

"Uh, mama...could you PLEASE give me a sprig of parsley?"

Patiently waiting for her salad to arrive.

A new toy at the Bunny Playground! All the buns had to hop over to it and "chin it" to claim it as their own.
A little boy was smitten with Wasabi. I find myself saying over and over again "Oh, she's MINE - she's not available for adoption!" They must think I'm nuts.

Wasabi hung out in Claire's litterbox while Rupert sat nearby.

Trying on small sunglasses meant for Wasabi!

Look at those shades on that bun!
And on that pup!

Solo wore them for a second.

Wasabi liked to flip them off.

I think yellow is one of her colors!

The dogs display the nice towel their grandma Snap gave them- it says "Hit the Road, Jack Russell Terrier!"

The dog on the towel looks quite a bit like Bravo!

This cute Jack Rabbit wandered into the pasture when I was with the donkeys.

Fun with a stick!

They'll play with a stick for a long time- it is so much fun to watch!

Very playful donkeys this week!

Boulder woke me up several times a night for a few nights in a row this week- not much fun. He's having some peeing "issues". Poor old Boulder!

The foreman put his sunglasses on Wasabi and she seemed to enjoy posing for a few pictures!

So cool!

Doing her routine in the kitchen.

Resting underneath the table.

I put her tunnels down under the kitchen table, too. In fact, our kitchen is turned into our very own bunny playground when she's down there!
Wasabi was rather interested in what Boulder was doing...but he wasn't thrilled to have a bunny watching him eat his dinner.
Morning donkey naps.

This is Boulder's new resting spot indoors- for the past week he hasn't slept on our bed (although he would wander in to wake me up!) but stayed out in the living room.

I love this red-orange dragonfly!

It almost looks like an underwater creature.
The foreman talks to Paco about eating the grape leaves.

Cutting some romaine lettuce for Wasabi!

And some cilantro, basil, kale and parsley...

I was so happy to spot this mama turkey and her baby walking by!

Wasabi likes to lounge while facing the living room so she can see all the activity in the house.

Comforting Wasabi after the end of her "date" while some onlookers peer into the window!
Going to "Papa" for some comfort, too.
Lenny & Wasabi...a match NOT made in Heaven! But I'm sure they can still be friends!