Sunday, June 13, 2010

Here Comes the Heat at The Lazy Vegan!

It was a HOT couple of past days here at The Lazy Vegan!  Blazing hot.  I'm reading how rabbits really don't like the heat - and they can get heatstroke very easily.  So of course I took many precautions with Wasabi- froze a bunch of plastic bottles of water to put around her area (she mostly ignored them, but she did love getting some ice cubes to munch on!) and got the house nice and cold at night with all the windows open.  We may eventually have to get A/C, but for now this worked fine.  Wasabi is unaware that she has a date all set up for this coming Wednesday - a date with Lenny at the Humane Society!  That's the little black bunny she snuggled with last week at the Bunny Playground.  I went to visit him the other day and he's very friendly.  So we'll see how it goes...perhaps soon there will be another family member! I am trying a new edit format for the blog, and I don't like it- I can't seem to make captions on any of the photos - very frustrating!  So next week it will be back to the old format.  The blog reader will just have to imagine what is going on with the following photos.  I will say that the photos with a yellow stuffed bunny are for a project Karina is working on- she's making a book for her sister, Emily!