Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tons of Fun in the First Week of June at The Lazy Vegan!

It was a great start to a new month this week. The weather was beautiful and the animals lounged even more than usual, if that is possible. AND the foreman visited the Bunny Playground for the first time! Wasabi was thrilled -- although at first she acted nonchalant at her "papa's" appearance, and he commented that she seemed to be ignoring him. She then leapt into the air and displayed the biggest bunny BINKY we've ever seen her do- for the entire room to see! It was fantastic. The foreman also got to see how wonderful the Humane Society facility is, and he says he had a "soul connection" with a dog up for adoption. If the foreman went to the Bunny Playground every week, we would end up with every single animal there! We also had a breakthrough this week...Wasabi and Bravo touched noses for the very first time!
Morning dust bath time!

The donkey stare-down.

Wasabi climbs up the foreman.

Treat time!

Table top napping.
Playing music in the cabin.
Deck napping.

Wasabi has perfected this expression.

Grooming time.

Wasabi spent a lot of time in the kitchen this week, and I moved all her things closer to the gate. She was fearless around the dogs and insisted on hanging out as close to the living room as she could.

Getting closer to Bravo.

Maybe she thinks she's one of the dogs!

Still trying to get close to Bravo.

TA-DA!!! Touching noses for the very first time!! I predict that in another six months (or maybe a year) they'll be snuggling together on the couch...with us right there, of course.

Sweet Toby.

Silly Weegie.

Chair napping.

This is the spot Wasabi would pick to hang out in.

Trying to get Bravo's attention!

Top-of-the-steps lounging.

There's that look again!

Desk perching.

Wasabi even felt fine munching on her hay with Bravo right there.

Boulder's very odd yawn.

Wasabi was pretty fascinated by Boulder eating.

Relaxing with a toy bone.

Here's how it looks having a bun in the kitchen...we are getting pretty used to climbing over the gate!

I know there are a lot of photos like this, but I was very impressed with Wasabi's bravery this week.
Looking for treats from the foreman.

Queen of the Cottontail cottage - second level!

Heading for the camera.

It is that time of year when the flies are out like crazy, bugging the donkeys. So I have to put some anti-fly spray on them. It is quite the process- they both don't like for me to use the spray, so I have to spray a cloth and then wipe them with it. It takes forever- but it works! The flies leave them alone for at least half a day.

Luigi is always the hardest. Sometimes he'll just walk away with the towel on him.

O.K. I admit I took too many Wasabi photos. AGAIN!

Solo checks out the strawberry patch.

The foreman visits the Bunny Playground! Here's the "soul connection" dog he saw on our way out. WE ARE NOT GETTING THIS DOG. No more animals will come here until the sad day that one of them goes to Heaven!
The photos don't do the dog justice. He had amazing ice-blue eyes.

He really did look RIGHT at Randy!
Looking at some of the cats up for adoption.

Leaving the building with Wasabi. It is a beautiful place for the animals!

Back in the crate and ready to go home.

Meeting Cynthia.

Wasabi was very happy to see the foreman there- even if she tried to ignore him at first.

This was right before her all-time amazing binky! Wish I had captured it on camera! She leapt into the air probably 2 feet and did a side-kick. It was so funny - especially since she did it right after Randy said she was ignoring him!

Doing a binky can be exhausting...so she went to recover in a tunnel.

Petting the bunny named Claire!

There were less bunnies here this week. Some of Wasabi's regular friends couldn't make it.

Pausing to munch on a strand of hay.
The Bunny Playground really is a kick!

Wasabi heads into a tunnel already packed with bunnies.

The foreman liked this little bunny named Lenny. He's tiny but fearless.

Wasabi showed off how she cuddles with other buns!

Snuggling with Lenny. The foreman said we should adopt Lenny. I swear, the foreman is a bigger softie than I am!!! It is probably a blessing that he doesn't go to the playground every week!