Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Canine Patient Recuperates at the Lazy Vegan

Bravo, a.k.a. "the canine patient", and Wasabi check out the ball.
What a week it was at the Lazy Vegan!! Bravo had his ACL surgery and was an exceptional canine patient! I camped out in the living room with him for a couple of sleepless nights...but soon he was zooming around on three good legs like the trooper that he is. The cast comes off this week and then I'll really have to make sure he remains "inactive" (a nearly impossible feat with a Jack Russell terrier!) while the leg heals. Check out the silly little video at the bottom of this posting of the canine patient in action! In other news, it was a birthday week...Happy 25th birthday to Karina, Happy 14th birthday to Anthony and Happy 13th birthday to little old Solo!! As I type this I am baking some vegan cupcakes for a belated birthday celebration for Karina...I keep peering into the oven window to make sure that they are rising!

Boulder on the prowl.

Weegie waits with his shadow for sweet grain!

Smart old Solo takes a break in the shade.

Giving the foreman some bunny kisses!

Oh, yummy- some dandelion greens!

The canine patient relaxes (or tries to) on the back cushion of the couch. This is a no-no, but I didn't have the heart to move him.

Everyone lines up for carrot treat time!

This is a fantastic item that I ordered online for Wasabi. It is called the "hay buffet" and enough hay for a week is stored in it and she eats it while "doing her biz" (which is how bunnies use a litterbox!). The really great thing about it is that it eliminates all the hay mess- usually I would stuff hay in a little basket or box for her to eat. And she loves it!

Not every bunny uses a litterbox, eats dinner AND watches some t.v. at the same time.

The hay buffet was designed by a woman who rescues rabbits, and it is an awesome invention. We had a nice email "conversation" and she gave me some great bunny tips!
Posing with the hay buffet.

For those of you who want to purchase your very OWN hay buffet, the website is http://www.wabbitworks.net/ Wasabi's photo will be on their website soon under "Buffet Buddies"! One of the great things about the product is that it is made in the U.S.A.

Karina offers Wasabi some fresh garden greens.

Karina consoles the canine patient.

NEWSFLASH!!! Clint Eastwood has a house rabbit!! I found this out via an email- there's a YouTube video of him with his wife and bunny named August. He calls August their "son" and talks about how they got him from the SPCA! So of course Wasabi was inspired to write August a card.
It has finally happened- I've become one of those people obsessed with hay quality. The last batch of hay we got was terrible. I ended up having to compost much of it. This hay, which was just delivered a few days ago, is wonderful- so fresh smelling with an excellent texture. It made me weirdly happy all day to know I have a few months worth of perfect hay to serve the donkeys and the bunny!

At the bunny playground, Wasabi got groomed by another bunny named Rosalie- so cute!

Catching up on the rabbit news with Harvey.

Saying hi to a little girl.

Using another bun's litterbox- way too small for her!

Hanging out in the tunnel.

Woe is the canine patient!

The birthday boy got a new toy!

The canine patient got a new toy, too.

Toby was very attentive.

Poor Bravo had a reaction to one of the types of pain meds...so it really was a rough week!

Camping out with the canine patient. I had to give him pain meds in the middle of the night. The first night was the worst- like being up with a newborn baby!

First few minutes home.

I love the staff at the Forestville Vet!

On the way to surgery.

Begging bunny!

The donkeys LOVE to try to jump up high enough to reach the yummy oak leaves.

It is quite an impressive sight in person- they're BIG animals!

The day before his surgery Bravo had a Fetanyl patch for pain put on. He had to wear this ridiculous collar so he wouldn't futz with the patch.

HAPPY 13th BIRTHDAY TO SOLO- here he is in his younger days!

HAPPY 14th BIRTHDAY TO ANTHONY!! I've always loved this photo of him (that I happened to take!).

HAPPY 25th BIRTHDAY TO KARINA!! Here she is in her younger days with Teddy Ruxpin!

With tiny Karina long, long ago...
CHECK OUT the canine patient video below!