Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Saga of the Canine Patient & a Sleepless Week at the Lazy Vegan

The foreman gets some Wasabi kisses after a long day!
The week was a blur here at the Lazy Vegan with the nights blending into days as the canine patient took a turn for the worse. Early in the week the C.P. (Canine Patient, a.k.a. Rio Bravo) had his cast removed, and almost immediately afterwards he became very subdued. It took a couple of days and another visit to the vet (where it was determined he had a high fever) to realize that he was in a lot of pain and needed stronger pain meds (we think the cast was helping keep the repaired knee in place, and with it gone he probably felt it more). The poor pup was really suffering and it was very sad to watch! But now, happily, he seems to be on the mend. One morning I was in such a fog from lack of sleep that I fed the donkeys TWICE. On the second time down to the corral in the wee hours, I noticed that Paco & Luigi were munching away on something in their feeder...which happened to be the flake of hay I had put there thirty minutes or so before! HELLLLOOOOOOOOO. The dogs were hopeful that I would also feed them twice, but I thankfully got a grip!This huge box has a story to it. While at Costco, I couldn't help but noticed that the big display boxes that the watermelon are in looked like the perfect bunny box, complete with an opening for a door! So I asked if I could transfer some of the watermelons from one big box to another, thus emptying out a box for me to take. I was told that this was fine. It turned out there were quite a few heavy watermelons to transfer, but I was willing to do this. Shoppers probably thought I worked at Costco, I was there for so long, and it was quite the work-out! And then when I got to my car, there was the task (here's where I can blame being sleep-deprived still) of wedging it into the back. It so happened that I was parked right next to a yellow VW Beetle, and when the owner of that car returned- another crazed Beetle driver - she helped me cram it into the car, all the time raving about how wonderful our cars were! Anyway, I 'm making this into a long and boring story. The ending is that the box is way, way, way too big to keep!

The donkeys weren't all that impressed with it.

Weegie did some appropriate investigation work.
Wasabi dutifully posed in the doorway. I think she knew the effort I had gone to in getting the box home!

The roof had a hole in it. Really, it would have been a perfect box if it was four times smaller.

Wasabi enjoyed it until it was salad time, and then she lost interest.

My beautiful bun! No playground this weekend. I was too busy scrounging around for boxes at Costco!
The one (and I do mean "one") meal that the foreman prepares...his special "garden fresh" pasta!

Aerial shot of cat & pups lounging around.

Yes, C.P. is in our bed...it is the easiest way to keep tabs on him while he recuperates! And he is thrilled.

Suddenly, the sunflowers are blooming!

We call this the bunny flop.

Time for some dill!

Solo seems quite spry now in comparison to the hobbling C. P. And Toby, meanwhile, has been SUPER energetic- it is ridiculous!

The peaches have arrived!

This box was also from Costco. I am obsessed with boxes now.

Not a bad set up for a bun who a mere 8 months ago was living in a dirty outdoor cage!

Jack rabbit at dusk.

All of this lounging around is really unlike little Bravo!

When I would get up super early...like 3 a.m., I'd go back to sleep in the living room with part of the crew.

Toby shows his concern by napping next to Bravo.

I've discovered that these little flannel baby blankets are great for all the animals...except I haven't tried them on the donkeys!

Boulder's usual yawning routine.

The canine patient had to wear this when I wasn't home so he wouldn't futz with his stitches. I think he looks like he's ready for a resort...all set for the pool!

The sight I see through my car window coming up the driveway. I like how Paco lifts his head to see what's going on!
On the way to the vet AGAIN!
Below are some fun photos from Karina's belated birthday celebration...we went out to eat and then to Grandma Snap's house to eat vegan cupcakes!