Monday, July 5, 2010

A Week of Visitors to the Fountain at the Lazy Vegan

Check out the funny carrot from the garden!
It was a fairly mellow week at the Lazy Vegan...we're all set for Bravo's ACL surgery in two days. He knows something's up! He saw a bag with some new dog toys that I tried to sneak past him. The foreman cleaned out the fountain and got it up and running again, and many visitors quickly came! Mostly birds, of course, but also a frog - and I know that the deer drink from it at night. Maybe even some other creatures! We need an outdoor video to record the wildlife! We skipped the Bunny Playground this weekend. Miz Wasabi seemed content to stay put. She watched some of the World Cup and the Tour de France with the foreman, instead!

Spending quality time with her "baby". This is something I see her doing often. So cute!

Wasabi's unwavering stare.

Solo peaks around the landscaping.

I can't resist photographing the planes that go by!

Poor Bravo has many months ahead of him on a leash!

Slim-pickings for grazing these days.

Oh, does the work ever end??? Heading in for carrot treats.

See if you can spot the hummingbird in the oak tree.

Flying from the tree to the fountain!

Paco gets an ear rub.

Weegie checks out a new sound.

One of the strongest things about the donkeys are their necks- very, very powerful!

The jack rabbits are everywhere lately!

Playing at dusk- I actually saw one of them do a "binky" leap into the air!

A triangle- the two rabbits and the neighbor's cat. The cat actually chased one of the rabbits out of the pasture and then just stood there.

Yawn, yawn, yawn!

Nice resting spot against the rocks.

The dogs seemed to think that Wasabi's ball belonged to them!

Boulder and the trees.

Another visitor to the fountain. It really works well as a bird bath, too.

This squirrel was super busy squawking away!

Probably headed to the garden to steal some strawberries.

Another hummingbird taking a bath!

Resting up for dinner.

Quietly letting me know that it IS dinnertime!
MORE napping.

And MORE yawning!

A rare moment without the ball.

A quail looks around the garden.

The foreman shows off the freshly-picked beans!

Checking in with Wasabi.

Yum, yum, yum- straight out of the garden!

This little frog was happy to see the fountain back!

This was a fun surprise and quite the honor- my aunt Barbara & uncle Neil put us in one of their amazing train layouts! That's the foreman playing the guitar! I love it.