Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Annual Visit to the Fair and Other Fun Stuff at the Lazy Vegan!

Kissing Paco!

What a fun week! The Tomashefskys came for a visit and we went to the Sonoma County fair for what is becoming an annual tradition. The fair is definitely not a vegan-friendly place, but I was able to find something to eat and, I confess, won a teddy bear at a silly "Whack the Mole" game where you hit plastic moles as they pop up...obviously something I would never do if they had been REAL! We had a great time and even posed for one of those set-up photos. In other news, Bravo continues to recuperate although he's not using his leg as much as he should be by now - he goes back to the vet next week for a check-up. Boulder has decided it is o.k. to pee in the basket of dog toys, which, of course, it is NOT. Luckily I caught him in the act and was able to clean it up quickly. I blame it on his old age...either that, or he wants the dogs to get new toys- because I had to chuck the whole basket!

The donkeys line up for hugs.

Wasabi hangs out in her new banana box from Costco!

Early morning snuggle time.

A cow that I sort-of won (story to follow) at the fair!

Very playful donks!

They sure manage to swing around their weight!

Helping pick up manure!

Paco plays the move-the-gate game.

Plotting their next move.

Silly Luigi!

Hugs from the foreman.

Posing with Paco.

Posing with Luigi.

Hanging out with both of the donkeys.

Aaron and Boulder!

Drew and Anth try out the swing in the dark.

Wasabi welcomes some visitors!

She loved the extra attention.

Hanging out and playing badminton!

Solo gets the chair!

These photos are not in order...it was pretty comical to watch Patty & Snap pass Solo!
Patty isn't convinced that Solo is being held properly...
But Solo was pretty confident about the situation...
How many people does it take to shuffle a little old terrier around?

It doesn't help that Solo is pretty awkward to hold in "normal" conditions!

Wearing my "Bacon Had a Mom" t-shirt...just to annoy the relatives!

Solo loved the extra hugs.

Patty needs a pup!
Anth is ready for the birdie.

Scotty & Drew get into the game!

Drew says hi to the donkeys.
Luigi was being a very good host while Paco was a bit rude!

Solo probably thought his aunt was going to take him home with her!

Patty takes a vegan-version of an Oreo cookie.
Aaron laughs with Uncle Randy.

The day at the fair! The following photos showed us all having a good time!

Waiting for funnel cake...

The only thing vegan I found was a side dish of rice. But that was fine...I had an apple with me, too!
Saw some co-workers right next to us at the races!

I don't believe in horses racing, but I "went with the flow" of the group on fair day.

Posing with "Cow" next to the cow-decorated garbage can.

Scott points to a sign with the handy "hand" balloon that Anth won!

Scott leads the way.

Patty's turn to show off the hand balloon.
Patty also won a little bear!

Playing "whack the mole"!

Oh, I guess it is the "whac a mole" game. Not sure why they don't spell "whac" right. That's the fair for you!
You have to be fast and furious!

So here is the cow story: I failed miserably at a shooting game (well, DUH!) but Patty spotted this sharpshooter and we hired him to win the cow for me, which he did effortlessly - and then posed for the photo above!

Scott threw a fast fastball!

The sisters pose with "Crappy the bear". I named him that because, frankly, all the stuffed animals at the fair are cheaply made!

Drew tries his luck at the basketball game!
And Anth goes for the football game!

Posing with "Crappe Rousseau".
Playing "Whack a Mole" again...the only game we had any luck with!

My silly attempt at the shooting game!

Standing around in front of the haunted house.
Drew tries a different basketball game.

Daughters with Mom!

We arrived right when the fair opened - a wise decision.

What a crew!! Not to be messed with!! If you double click on the photos above and below you'll be able to see a larger photo - so you can see how ridiculous we all looked!

Posing for this photo was Snap's idea- a great one!