Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fun & Games on the Last Weekend of August at the Lazy Vegan

The foreman takes a rare nap on the terrace!
It is hard to believe we're nearing the end of August! The animals were all up BEFORE the crack of dawn every day this week. Maybe it was due to the full moon or maybe they just wanted to get an early start to the day! On one of the mornings I woke up the donkeys and actually video taped this exciting event. See the movie at the bottom of this posting. I apologize in advance to the blog reader for the length (about 3 minutes long)...but toward the end I do manage to capture Paco yawning...the rest of the video is pretty dark and boring...but, HEY! That's the way it is in real life! The next time I try to film the donkeys stretching and yawning in the wee hours of the morning I'll have to wake up the foreman so he can come with me and hold a flashlight!
Boulder gets some quality attention from the foreman.

Wasabi likes to position herself so she has an eye on the comings & goings of the household.

Toby in a spot of sunlight!

At the bunny playground today. That's actually NOT Wasabi in the litterbox...but is a little Wasabi-look-alike named Nicolas. He's the bun who was abandoned in a box at the Humane Society a few months ago. Since then he's been neutered and socialized and he is MUCH calmer than he was. He keeps trying to befriend Wasabi...but much to my horror, she chased and tried to nip him TWICE today!

Wasabi says hello to another look-alike. These were three bunnies being kept separate from the rest of the crew while they wait to be spayed.

Nicolas is adorable and he let me pet him for a long time while Wasabi sulked in a nearby tunnel!

Nicolas kept going up to sniff noses with Wasabi. At one point she decided she had her fill of it.

The boys help me put fresh pine shavings in the barn!

But first, Weegie had to mark his spot!

He's been doing this peeing-in-barn routine since day one. I don't know why they can't pee out in the pasture!!

Sometimes Toby gets so desperate for a ball toss that he'll bring the ball over to Boulder.

Boulder rarely shows ANY interest in Toby's ball!

The last of the sunflowers to bloom.

A dragonfly on the windowseat. I rescued it, of course.

Enjoying a fresh plate of greens!

Oh, yum. Dill!

Toby even tried the ball routine on the bunny!

The donks were super helpful this week!

I especially like it when they stand around and "supervise" while I clean out the barn!

Heading in for sweet grain time!

I call this "performance art" when Wasabi eats hay like this!

LOOK who gets to walk without a leash! Bravo went to the vet and he said he could go off leash now as long as we make sure he doesn't jump from high places. That pretty much means I'll still have to keep him on a leash while he continues to heal...because he can sneak off so fast. He enjoyed some leash-free time, though!
Bravo has lost count of the number of times he's gone to the vet! And so have I.

Those helpful donks again!

Paco patiently waits for dinner.
Boulder is such a pro at lounging!

Wasabi poses with Buddy Bunny. It cracks me up how she'll hop over and sit right next to her buddy!

Wasabi accepts a piece of carrot from Paul.

Checking in with Bravo...who adores Paul!