Sunday, August 1, 2010

Happy Birthday to the Foreman at the Lazy Vegan!

The foreman in earlier years!
Nice look for the foreman!

Working hard at his studies...in Brazil!

That famous foreman smile!
It was a great last week of July and first day of August here at the Lazy Vegan...we celebrated the foreman's 61st birthday a day early and had a very nice time! The "kids" and Grandma Snap came over to help celebrate along with the usual animal crew. Bravo had to be kept on a short leash so he wouldn't do any damage to his healing leg, and he was very happy to be out and about with the birthday crowd. The foreman may be 61 but he has the energy of a 16 year old!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the Lazy Vegan Foreman - here's to many, many more!
Sadly, our beloved peach tree fell. We had noticed it leaning but hadn't braced it and, alas, it split at the trunk. There was one attempt to save it but it quickly broke completely. Poor little peach tree!

Nick, Randy & Paul discuss the tree.

Look who is carrying the hay for the donks!!

Nick and Boulder.

Relaxing after dinner.

Grandma Snap visits Wasabi!

YUM! Grandma Snap gives Wasabi some Italian parsley.

Claire displays Wasabi's personal book!

The foreman shows off some birthday gifts.
The canine patient and Karina.

More gifts!

Striking poses!

Lounging Paul.

The dogs loved all the attention.

Karina takes time out to swing.

At the end of the evening Claire was covered in Solo fur!

The birthday boy!

Dessert time!

Paul tries out Karina's hat.

I baked cupcakes again...yummy, but very filling!

Displaying the foreman's special cupcake!
Bravo helped blow out the candles!

The platter of cupcakes!

Dinner time.

Solo gets cuddled!

The foreman brought down the stereo and we listened to classical music during dinner...very refined!

Getting the meal prepared.

Snap carries the basket of garlic bread.

Posing with the foreman's birthday roses!

The foreman helped with dinner, too!

Wasabi helped with quality control. She tested a bit of strawberry for the fruit salad to make sure it was o.k.!
The bunny playground was on Saturday this week. Wasabi had a great time hanging out. Above, a bun named Cinnabon relaxes while Wasabi hides in the tunnel.

The lady who runs the playground snuggles with Nicolas- he's the bunny who was abandoned at the doorstep of the Humane Society a month or so ago.

Hanging out in another tunnel- she loves the tunnels!

It was time for a visit from the farrier again. This time both the donkeys were extremely well-behaved.

The foreman took them for a little walk first.

We went to have lunch with Claire at the little house she's been housesitting at...I took the above photo with the self-timer!

Claire was also dogsitting a very cute dog named Sadie.

The house was very, very tiny and very cute!

Wasabi in the litterbox...probably wanting some privacy!

Stealing the grape leaves!

The view from the pasture.
Weegie takes a dust bath while Paco observes.

Her royal highness in the kitchen for the day.

Solo gets up for a drink of water and brings his blanket with him!