Sunday, August 15, 2010

Walking the Donkeys, Visiting the Bunny Playground and the Usual Fun Stuff at the Lazy Vegan!

The water bowl is a popular place!

It was a fairly mellow week here at the Lazy V. We still managed to pack things in, including a trip to the vet for Bravo to get his leg looked at...it is healing nicely, but he some how managed to injure his front paw. After soaking it a few times it seems to be doing o.k. Poor pup - it is always something! We took the donkeys for a walk down the road to visit Barney the big donkey and the horse. It has been a long time since we took them for a walk...and they loved it! So we really have to try to make it a weekly event. Speaking of weekly events, Wasabi enjoyed her visit to the Bunny Playground. A lot of her pals there have been adopted, which is wonderful news...but we miss them! Hopefully they'll come back to visit. Wasabi also played Scrabble with us one evening. She had the job of tossing the lid to the box around! I think she was a tad annoyed that our attention wasn't completely on her...so she had to make a fuss!

Saying hi to Nicolas at the playground.

That's Angela, another English Spot mix. She's getting much more comfortable mingling with the other buns these days. Here she looks quite relaxed!

Wasabi checks out another bun's litter box.

Going around "chinning" items to claim them!

Spencer and Rupert standing guard.

Rupert visits Wasabi in the tunnel.

Remember Lenny? He went on a date with Wasabi...he's been on some other dates since then, but none of them are working out!

Wasabi likes to spend some solo time in the tunnel when we first arrive. Then she'll groom herself and head on out to play!

Boulder wanted to read the Sunday paper this morning!

Playing peek-a-boo!

The bun begs for mint!

Old Solo comes wandering home from his travels.

The cat wants in!

"Uh, Weegie...why does Mama spend so much time cleaning out the barn?"

Paco seeks shade.

This is the routine every morning lately...couch potato pups and cat!

Yet another donkey kiss.

Paco decides Toby should leave the pasture.

Solo was being very brave!

Paco with the canine patient.

The sunflowers are way taller than I am now.

Silly human! Silly rabbit!
Spending quality time with Buddy the bunny.

Having a deep discussion.

I love how Wasabi will position herself by Buddy!

Half-way in, half-way out of the box.

Wasabi's village!

I wish every donkey got this much affection!

Trying to say hi to Paco while Luigi looks on (or, at least, his ear does!).

Harmonica lessons from the foreman.

Wasabi's very funny face!

The all-important grooming time.

Wasabi prides herself on keeping nice and clean.

The zoo!

The canine patient after his trip to the vet. The receptionist there thinks he's "milking it" and that he just wants to be the center of attention!

Behold the peppers from the garden!
The baby lizards are everywhere right now.

Trying to get a grip on Luigi for our walk. This is harder than it looks!!

I always take Luigi because for some reason Paco will "act out" when I take him.

Weegie loved being able to nibble on the flowers.

Paco recognizes home!

Saying hi to Barney. Luigi didn't want anything to do with this encounter. Hopefully next time he will be more friendly.

We hear Barney's loud hee-haw daily...sometimes twice a day. It is very impressive!

At first Paco was shy!

Getting ready for the walk!