Sunday, September 5, 2010

Celebrating the Holiday Weekend at the Lazy Vegan

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DEB!!!! It is a "biggie" birthday, but we're not going to give away her age...because Deb is AGELESS! All the animals and humans wish Deb the best birthday ever!!

All of the animals love attention from Deb!!

It was a dramatic start to the week here at the Lazy V. At dusk we saw a coyote "tree" a turkey in the pasture. The poor turk flew up high into the poplar tree and then had a hard time finding a comfy spot while the coyote waited below. And he waited...even though I flew out of the house with a broom and yelled like a mad woman doing some kind of ridiculous ritual. The coyote just looked at me. I've had this canine stare-down before, and it is very different than a domestic dog looking at you...this look is almost an appraisal. It wasn't until I started to beat the wooden handle of the broom against the ground that the coyote finally thought he better get out of there...and he sauntered off. Slowly! I love the coyotes, of course, but don't want them anywhere near my animals...or the turkeys. The poor turkey spent the whole night alone in the tree. I could hear him or her calling to the other turkeys who had already found their safety zone in the oaks. The donkeys, meanwhile, were oblivious to the commotion while they ate their dinner in the corral. I don't worry about their safety now that they're full grown (if anything, the COYOTES should worry!), but I had better get a better coyote-scaring routine going lest there ever be a pack coming to visit!

The double-donkey hug.

Paco is finally done shedding now that it is almost time to start growing a thicker coat!

Carrot treat time for donkeys and dogs. You would never know that Bravo had his knee surgery seven weeks ago!

Luigi barely puts up with Bravo getting his carrots.

At the bunny playground! That's a Wasabi-look-alike...this trio is waiting to be spayed before they can be put up for adoption.

There weren't many bunnies at the playground today, so Wasabi had pretty much the run of the place.

She still likes to hang out in the tunnels or boxes.

The crafty bun on the left is Nicolas...I adore him! He is a very energetic little bun. I wish Wasabi would get along with him. Once again, that is NOT Wasabi in the pen...but another look-alike!

Where she spends at least the first twenty minutes or so at the playground...in the leopard print tunnel.

We're now members of Laguna farm - we did this a few years ago and since our garden isn't producing everything that we eat, we decided to join again. Once a week I pick up a bin full of a variety of produce. This week it included beets, potatoes and garlic...so I roasted a batch. YUM!
The big bunny-dog breakthrough! After months of Wasabi hanging out in the kitchen while the dogs hang out in the living room, we introduced Bravo to Wasabi without the gate between them...and it went amazingly well. They were both surprisingly calm!

Of course we are not going to take any chances...we'll take it slowly and they'll always be supervised!
Boulder under the oaks...and doing a head shake!

The donkeys playing before dinner...lots of bucking and snorting going on!

More Bravo/Wasabi bonding!
They were both rather nonchalant about the whole thing.

Boulder really doesn't look or act like a 20-year-old cat!

Sweet Weegie!

How Wasabi observes the Labor Day holiday.

Ready to hee-haw to let me know I'm LATE with dinner!

I never get tired of looking at this bunny mug.

Wasabi enjoys a parsley snack while Boulder eats his dinner.

Wasabi gets a bit too close while Boulder eats!

Wasabi: I wonder what it is like to be a cat...
Boulder: I wonder what it is like to be a rabbit...

Trying to get Boulder's attention!

My, that's a looooonnnnggggg tail!
Hugging Boulder.

Just another great week!