Sunday, September 19, 2010

First Official Rain of the Season!

We had the first official rain of the season at the Lazy Vegan...and suddenly I am remembering what life is like when things are...well, wet! I spent a long time cleaning out the barn and adding fresh pine and cedar shavings, since the donks hang out there for shelter when it rains hard enough. They wasted no time in making the barn "their own" by peeing in their special pee spots! The foreman replaced a broken window in the cabin and in general we did a lot of chores to button up the place for the change of weather. In other news this week, little Miss Wasabi came down with a runny eye and I had to take her to the rabbit specialist vet in Petaluma. A long drive for her, but he is the best vet around (he has 8 house rabbits of his own!). By the time we got there, her eye had stopped running - so the doctor looked at it anyway and gave her an annual exam since it was almost time for one (we'll have had her in our lives for a year on Oct. 5th- hard to believe! Even harder to believe is how one tiny little creature easily captured our hearts!). He declared her to be totally healthy, just a "tad porky"...she weighs 7.2 pounds. She is on a little diet, but we haven't really told her that it is a diet...don't want the bun to feel deprived!

Waiting around for dinner before the rain came.
Dust bath time!

I want the foreman to build a little breezeway shelter off of the barn so that the donks can take their dust baths even when it is raining.

Paco thoroughly enjoys his dust baths. I love his white tummy!
Hanging out under the kitchen table. She has a good view of the room from this position, and especially a good view of the fridge...usually when I open the fridge she'll hop on over to investigate!

Weegie looks for pine needles to munch on. As you can see, there is no grass left.

Running off to play!

I divide the hay into three feedings throughout the day so the donks don't get too hungry due to the lack of grass. Hopefully now that rain is coming the grass will come back quickly!

As I type this, it is raining and Boulder is sleeping indoors. He hates the rain - doesn't like to get his paws wet!

The tomatoes and peppers are finally ready!

These next couple of photos crack me up. The foreman looks like he's dancing a jig while he spends time with the donkeys!

Double donkey hug.

Carrot treat time!

Luigi doesn't like to take carrots from my hand - or even from the foreman. He is very finicky...while Paco will just snatch it away.

Luigi will try to push the carrot piece out of the foreman's hand first. Silly donk!

To the untrained bunny eye, Wasabi's back legs might look like nothing to take note off...but this is the sign of a very relaxed bun, with her "thumpers" (as we call them) completely stretched out behind her!

A close-up of those mighty thumpers.

Boulder enjoys the sunshine.

Standing up to beg for a treat! Who can resist this face? I gave her a tiny treat, since we're cutting back.

Sweet grain time!

Must be tough fitting in so many naps.

Play time before dinner.

It is so much fun to watch the donkeys play...you just have to make sure to stay out of the way!

Solo snuggles down.

On a beautiful blue-skied day before the weather changed.

Three deer help themselves to the passion flower plant early in the morning.

The morning routine!