Sunday, September 12, 2010

Savoring the Last Bit of Summer at The Lazy Vegan

Looking forward to rain so grass will grow back...there's not a blade left in the pasture!
The big excitement of the week here at the Lazy Vegan was introducing Wasabi to the deck...she loved it! The dogs were banished to the inside of the house (poor pups...they had to make do with lounging around on their velvet pillows on the couch) while we hung out with the rabbit on the deck. We'd never leave her alone there because the hawks around here are just too big! She quickly settled into a deck routine...a hop here, a hop there...soon a hop everywhere! What great fun for a bun. She also spent some time once again one-on-one with Bravo, but we're taking that very slowly. All of the animals spent the week napping in the sunshine...they're soaking up this last bit of heat before the seasons change!

Bravo is back on leash because he's started to limp a bit. Too much running around too soon after his knee surgery!

Bravo was being pretty brave around the donkeys. He acts differently when he's on a leash!

Paco and the foreman have a little chat.

Time for an ear rub!

This is Wasabi relaxing on her second time out on the deck. I was able to eat dinner and read a magazine while she lounged right at my feet. So cute!

I know the blog is heavy on Wasabi photos lately...but come on...just look at that face!

On hot days Wasabi likes to lie next to the frozen water bottle.

The donkeys love to scratch their itches on this bench.

It is a bit painful to watch Solo walk these days...but he manages to get around!

Wasabi LOVED Grandpa Tom's column! She loved it so much that she started to nibble on it, so I had to put it in a safe place. I'm going to start a Wasabi scrapbook.

The foreman wanted to snap this photo to illustrate what we go through getting the kitchen ready every day for the bun. Lots of rugs, boxes and toys to put out!

Oh, my. Are we comfy enough?

We had friends over for dinner and an unusual thing happened...a pack of coyotes did their amazing howling and yipping thing EARLY...right during dinner! We dined outside on the knoll and perhaps they just wanted to give us some entertainment!

Preparing dinner. The foreman was a big help with ingredients straight out of the garden!

Wasabi goes crazy when the foreman lets her play with his jacket. She "attacks" it and loves to rearrange it.

Quality time with the bun.
More Bravo and Wasabi bonding time!

These days Solo only leaves his little bed to drink water and to eat his meals...I have to encourage him to go out. Same thing with Boulder...I have to encourage him to eat and drink!

Patiently waiting for salad time.

Bravo actually seems to enjoy napping with Boulder.

Bun on deck!

Giving me lots and lots of bunny kisses!
Checking out the foreman's snack bowl.

An inquisitive bun.

It is great to have one more place for her to safely hop around in!