Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Bunny-Dog Breakthrough at the Lazy Vegan!

Boulder doing what he does best...relaxing on the cabin deck!
It was a big-deal bunny-dog breakthrough at the Lazy Vegan this week!! We took down the gate separating the canines and the lagomorph (love that official bunny name) in the kitchen and supervised the interactions, which went amazingly well. Besides Bravo's fascination with stealing Wasabi's toys, all the animals were curious and calm - a perfect combination! Of course we'll always put the gate up when we're not there to watch the crew...but this new step has exeeded my expectations and makes me really hopeful that some day the bun and the dogs will even want to play together! We skipped the bunny playground this weekend...we figured that Wasabi had enough excitement being around her canine brothers. In other news, even though today is hot (ugh...waiting for that to end!), we're thinking ahead to those cold months and might put in a new fireplace. We have a ton of wood to burn on the property and it would be nice to sit around a real fire (sitting around the heater vent just isn't as cozy) in the evenings. Who knows...maybe the blog reader will soon be looking a group photo of the entire animal crew lounging in front of the fire! Except for the donkeys...we'll wait a bit on that.
Couldn't resist taking this shot!

The boys and their shadows.
Wasabi and Toby! Wasabi is so comfortable that she's doing her elaborate grooming routine.

Treat time!!! I love this photo. Bravo seems a bit concerned that Wasabi is getting a bigger piece of carrot. Of course, he inhaled his so fast that he has no idea what size it was!

Just hanging out waiting for more treats.

It cracks me up how Wasabi will position herself right next to Buddy!

Poor little Solo eyes Bravo's bone. Solo never chews on bones, but sometimes he acts like he might want to. Solo didn't really interact with Wasabi. Since he can't do steps anymore, I will have to carry him up the one step to the kitchen. We thought for now dealing with two dogs is enough for one bun!

Breakfast time.

The view with NO GATE!

After a while the novelty died down and Toby went to take a nap in the living room.

He liked lounging with Wasabi, though!

And Bravo took a little snooze near her...hilarious!

Wasabi would just nonchalantly groom herself now and then with the dogs right there.

The foreman - on a break from his deck railing paint job - gives Bravo and Wasabi a carrot treat.

Bravo never gives up hope for a new treat!

Wasabi tries to figure out what this odd creature is all about.

Buddy got quite a bit of attention, too!

It is a lot for one bun to take in, but she did so beautifully.

Bravo with one of the toys he stole from Wasabi. At his left is the remains of another toy he chewed up.

I'm holding the trimmings from the donkeys' hooves! The farrier came for a visit.

The boys were pretty good this time. Luigi tried to hide out in the barn, but the farrier "reeled" him back out.

Weegie watches while it is Paco's turn.

Sometimes the farrier will offer his opinions about the "usefulness" of the donkeys ("you can't ride 'em").
Earlier in the week, pre-gate removal. You can see that Wasabi is always curious about the dogs.

Hanging out with Boulder. Always has to groom Buddy, first.

Hopping over for a Boulder kiss!

Wasabi was showing off tossing around her empty egg cartons that Grandma Snap gave her.

It looks like Boulder's turn to groom Buddy!

After not getting the attention she's used to during an exciting baseball game, Wasabi hopped over to her corner and did a dramatic flop and "play dead" routine. She stayed there, frozen, until we paid attention!!

The first no-gate encounter. The foreman gets kisses from Bravo.

I'm glad that we've really waited a long time to get the animals used to one another...it really paid off to be so patient!

It always looks like I've put Buddy next to Wasabi in these positions...but she seeks him out! So cute.

Bravo's bad habit - sleeping on the back of the couch cushion!

Wasabi posing with a mug I couldn't resist buying...it has a bunny on it that looks just like her!Bravo enjoys laying on the bunny carpet!

Boulder checking in.
Fun with the sweet grain pan!

Wasabi got a birthday card from one of her BunSpace bunny friends, Domino!

Reading time with Boulder!