Sunday, October 3, 2010

HOPPY Birthday to the Bun at the Lazy Vegan!

HOPPY first birthday to Wasabi! This weekend we celebrated the one year anniversary of when we rescued her from that terrible outdoor cage...the one-year mark will actually be on Oct. 5th, but we celebrated early so she could have a little party at the bunny playground! She had a grand time sharing some bunny treats with the shelter buns and even donated a ton-of-fun-bun-run tunnel to the Humane Society! And, other big news: this week the BunSpace calendar came, and Wasabi is on the month of April along with some other cute buns...so she's officially a "calendar bun"! In other Lazy Vegan news, we took the donkeys for a walk this morning. They always love getting out and about and were especially spunky...so the foreman had to rein them in while I photographed the event! I think the horse and Barney the big donkey down the street LOVE to get visits from Paco & Luigi...I wish we could remember the horse's name - I know it is an unusual one. Thankfully, the heatwave ended and now we're back to somewhat normal weather. And that's the report for the week...I can't believe we've had the bun in our lives for a year - she has added SO MUCH joy that it is hard to imagine life without her!
The bun is one! She got cookies from the BunSpace store made of hay and pumpkin...while I got the vegan raspberry tart in the center!

This is what we took to share at the playground...I put carrot slices in the little plate, too.
Birthday gifts! A new cottontail cottage and a ton-of-fun-bun-run! (she got two - one to keep and one to take to the shelter!).
Boulder watched the celebration from the foreman's shoulders.

Celebrating with Buddy and Baby.

A TINY piece of pineapple for a birthday treat!

At the bunny playground...these photos are out of order. The black bunny named Maria was quite the cookie and carrot bunny piggy!

Wasabi finally got some treats toward the end.
Sharing with Maria.

Anastasia (she looks a bit like Wasabi!) digs in.

A Wasabi look-alike, Harriet & Booey.

It was quite the party atmosphere!
That's Wasabi sticking out of the leopard tunnel.

Maria & Harriet line up for treats!

Some other bun's mama was a camera nut, too!

Wasabi was eating another bun's pellets...but the mama said it was o.k., since it was her birthday party!
Saying hello to Harriet.

Jasmine does a binky!! A few other buns did binkies today, too!

Maria sits by the new ton-of-fun-bun-run.

All of the carrots were eaten first!

Harriet was having such a great time that she had to flop over and smile!!
Also out of order...the donkeys go for a walk! Here they are heading home.

Saying hello!
Luigi and Barney were really cute this time.

The donkeys were really well-behaved on the road - although Paco was a bit stubborn on the walk home when he decided he wanted to stop!
So cute!

It rained a bit this weekend, too.

The foreman makes it look effortless...but walking the donkeys DOWN the driveway is really hard!

Taking a break on the way down.

Exploring the hill on the back side of the house. We plan on fencing this for the boys as soon as we can buy all of the donkey fencing - it is expensive!
Weegie spots something of interest.

Relaxing with the bun!

The foreman after a long day of helping with his first "crush" - at a client's vineyard (called "The Patient Terrier"!)...Pinot Noir!
Sometimes I have to search for Boulder at dusk. Usually I find him in the same napping spot.

Play time!

Wasabi checks out her calendar photo - that's her with the Easter basket!

Begging bunny.
I love looking at the donkeys through the kitchen window.
Toby & Bravo waiting for the next event!

Wasabi dines with the BunSpace calendar in the background.

Pretty exciting to be a part of such a great calendar! She's come a long way in one year!

Silly Boulder.
Bravo in the leaves.

Posing with my beloved Boulder!
The foreman cooks the last of the tomatoes and zukes from the garden.
Wasabi spent a lot of time out on the deck again.

We still had to deal with some hot days earlier in the week.
Wasabi stayed cool between two frozen water bottles.

The dogs stayed indoors where it was much cooler.

The donkeys don't seem to mind the heat...but they still will seek the shade!