Saturday, October 16, 2010

Lions & Tigers & Bears...oh my! Dogs, Cat & Bunny...OH MY!!!

Hanging out with THREE Jack Russell terriers and an old cat named Boulder? Now that's something to YAWN about!

Now that we're "gate-free" at the Lazy Vegan, there's no turning back! Little Miss Wasabi is thrilled with her freedom and ability to mingle with the canines and feline. Too bad the donkeys can't come inside...then it would be quite the crew! It is all going very well, but of course we are strictly supervising all interactions. Wasabi is fearless and will charge up to the dogs and cat. The dogs have handled this very respectfully. Boulder, however, decided he'd had enough of this bossy little bun and he gave her a little swat of his paw to let her know! The only issue we've had is with Bravo sneaking Wasabi's toys and - gross as this may sound - trying to get into her litterbox to eat her little poops! YUCK! That's Bravo for you! Next week we should be back to normal with more photos of the donkeys and rest of the crew. But for now, we're very pleased to present some photos from the gate-free week! And check out the video below to see the bun hopping along!

Queen Bun of the house!

A visit from Karina!

Speedy hop back into the kitchen!

The look-alikes!

Exploring the living room.

Getting comfortable venturing into the living room.

Spotting her reflection in the door!

Everyone wants Karina's attention!

What a crew!

Boulder was getting a bit annoyed with the bun. She gets right into his face.

Wasabi just wants to be friends!

Bravo loves to hang around Wasabi's things. Here he is chewing on his bone next to her Cottontail Cottage.
This bun is very pleased with herself!
Treat time!

Wedging herself between the frozen water bottle, Buddy & Baby.
The view with no gate up!

Bravo is being really good.

Getting a drink of water with the canines nearby.

Zooming back up the stairs...she loves those little steps!

Up and down, up and down.
Storytime with the foreman!
Giving "Papa" a kiss.

Banana treat time!

Everyone is quite relaxed!
Boulder watches from the safety of the couch.

It is a lot of excitement for little old Solo.

Mastering the steps.

Just hangin'!

Toby's thinking maybe Wasabi can learn to toss him the ball!

Funny little couple!


I love how Bravo will just position himself in front of Wasabi.

These are not the world's most exciting photos, but it does give you the idea of how well the bunny-dog interactions are going!