Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rainy Day Fun at the Lazy Vegan!

Paco shows his appreciation after I muck out the barn!
The first "real" rain of the season has arrived! It didn't take long for the soggy memories to return...I had to scrounge around for my good waterproof muck boots and rain gear, and spent a long time putting straw around the corral so the donkeys don't slip and slide when they head from their little barn to the "dining shelter" to eat. Everything changes when it rains...the simple chores become difficult ones! The only creature remaining dry at the Lazy Vegan is the bunny. Since she uses a litter box, there's no need for her to head outside. Smart rabbit! The dogs all balk at having to get their paws wet, and Boulder will wait until it is a bathroom emergency before he sets paw on wet ground (unless, of course, he can sneak in a pee in some corner of the house first)! I purposely took less photos this week...I realized I was spending too much time documenting the bunny-dog-cat interactions rather than just letting them do their thing. Still, there are plenty of photos this week of the bunny with the rest of the crew. In other news, we celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary this week and spent a fun couple of hours browsing in stores, where the foreman picked out some beautiful earrings for me, and then went to the library for a rainy-day stash of books before heading to our favorite vegan restaurant, "Slice of Life" for lunch! Who knew all these years ago that we'd end up living with so many creatures once the kids left the nest...I'm curious to see what the next 18 years will bring!

The straw really helps with the mud control. I also like how bright and cheery it looks!

Getting dry in the barn!

Poor donkeys. I just want to bring them indoors or at least get little raincoats for them!

On really rainy days, the only time they'll head out of the barn is to walk the short distance to the water & food in the green "dining shelter".
As an experiment, I put out another stuffed animal to see if Wasabi would groom it. But she ignored it and went straight for Buddy to give him a good grooming. I should have taken photos of that. Apparently she KNOWS what a bunny is...stuffed or not!

I think the dogs are all happy to have the bun hopping around the living room...she really adds some fun!

Lining up for treat time!

We call her "E.B."...Explorer Bunny!

The turks are back in town!

Just hanging out...what rainy day fun!

Getting some hay. Wasabi is a great hay muncher. Some bunnies don't eat enough hay, which can be a problem. I think Wasabi likes hers because it is so fresh, since she eats the same hay the donkeys do...v.s. getting tiny bags of old packaged hay just for rabbits at the pet store.

Milling about.

You can see we have to put out little rugs everywhere so Wasabi has some traction...her nails make the wood floor pretty slippery.
Treat time from the foreman!

Boulder puts up with the bunny!

Always a good time to lounge.
Heading up the second set of steps to the entry hall!

She loves steps!

Trying to say hi to Solo.
Bravo loves to hang out by Wasabi.

As long as Boulder still gets his quality one-on-one time in the evening, he doesn't mind sharing the household with a rabbit.

Snuggle time!!