Sunday, November 14, 2010

Getting Ready for a New Fireplace & Gearing up for the Holidays at the Lazy Vegan

Since we have so much firewood already on the property here at the Lazy Vegan, we decided a few months ago to invest in a good, efficient new fireplace (the old one was awful and we rarely used it).  So this means the old fireplace had to be ripped out, and the space left had to be prepped for the new fireplace to fit into...sounds like the perfect job for the foreman!! I only took one photo of the foreman hard at work...because the other photo opportunities involved the roof, and it didn't seem like a good time to be snapping away with the camera!  At any rate, the new fireplace should be installed before Thanksgiving...and then the pups and bunny and cat can all snuggle around in the den.  Heck, maybe they'll even leave some room for the humans!

A fun visit from Claire!  Bravo was especially cute with her.  He looks like a litle baby being held!
We've never seen him so calm in this position.  Too funny.

Saying hi to Wasabi!
Everyone loved seeing Claire.

Wasabi gets a little possessive of her water bowl...and for some reason Boulder insists on using it.

Sometimes I'll look up from whatever I'm doing and will find Toby in this ridiculous stance.
The sun sets over the vineyard.
Donkeys in the early evening.

Weegie is looking like a full grown donkey these days!
Whenever Wasabi approaches Solo, he will look aside or down. 
Somebody needs to put that dog back on a diet!
Boulder makes good use of his heating pad on a chilly morning.
Carefully grooming Buddy!
Wasabi checks out the new dog beds...an early Christmas present!
Boulder actually swatted Wasabi for the first time...but she's so quick that she hopped out of his way.
Early morning donkeys!
The feline stretch!
What a pair!

Boulder is a very patient old cat to put up with three Jack Russell terriers AND a bunny!

Still trying to make friends with Solo!

Begging for a carrot piece!
The only photo I took of the foreman hard at work on the fireplace project!