Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Happy Thankgiving, A New Fireplace & Still Mourning for Boulder at the Lazy Vegan

It is hard to believe that it has been eleven days since our dear Boulder left us!  I still think I see him just about everywhere, even waiting at the front door to be let in.  For the first time in years last night, I slept through the night and didn't wake up at the various "Boulder times" in the wee hours of the morning.  So far I've compiled over 1,300 Boulder photos...he was a very photogenic feline!  For days Bravo still raced around the house trying to score some cat food - but I noticed that he eventually stopped that routine.  In time the ache will be less, but for now Boulder is still very much missed!

The Queen Bun relaxes on her special quilt with Buddy and Baby.
Grooming Baby!
One of my favorite Queen Bun routines:  the dramatic flop and roll-over!
Staring out of the window of the second level of her Cottontail Cottage.
Reading...and eating...the Sunday comics!
BRRRRRRR...some frosty mornings!
Bravo by Boulder's grave.

The foreman works on the impressive new chimney!

Spending time with the donkeys was very helpful when we were feeling sad about Boulder.

An amazing buck visits the Lazy Vegan!
At Snap's house for Thanksgiving!  Anth points to a great football play.

Patty shows off the Xmas cookies made by Aaron...in 1998!!
Karina's favorite sitting spot.

Nice turkey display!

Posing with Karina.
The cook gets herself some wine! Grandma Snap made an awesome T-Day meal!

Patty "talks" the potholder to Kim!
Trying on Snap's apron that she's had forever.

                Yep, folks...those are VEGAN marshmallows on top of those sweet potatoes!

Time to dig in!

Two options for vegan whipped cream!
The "V" for vegan pumpkin pie!

The cute couple.
Anth with Grandma Snap.
My turkey necklace - it says "friend not food"!
Drew and Scott.
Some turkeys who have visited the Lazy Vegan over the years!

Lounging donkeys!

Bravo helps with the new fireplace project - it was installed last week but there was still tons of work for the foreman to do.
Hanging new sheetrock.
The living room construction zone.
My oldest terrier...I am afraid that he is approaching the end of his golden years just as Boulder did.
My beautiful donks.

The Queen Bun in her tunnel!