Sunday, November 21, 2010

In Memory of Boulder... Extraordinary Cat, Exceptional Being

In Memory of Boulder  11/17/2010
On to his Next Adventure

Dearest Boulder:
How do you say good-bye to a cat? Since you left us several days ago, I have struggled to find the right words with which to honor you.  And I find now that I am too emotional to write them.  So today I will let your photos show how much you were loved by all...we miss you terribly, our wonderful Boulder of nearly 20 years.  I will write you a proper memorial when the tears have stopped...and that may take some time.  Until then, know that Heaven has never been blessed with such an angel of a feline...and our lives were made more joyous because you were with us.  We love you!

Boulder one minute after passing...he died peacefully in his own home.

The angels were calling.

The last few hours.

Just some of the hundreds and hundreds of Boulder photos below...we love you, Boulder!

Godspeed, our sweet Boulder.