Sunday, November 7, 2010

Welcoming November at the Lazy Vegan

 So far the animals have nothing to complain about in the month of November.  Paco & Luigi are thrilled to have some GREEN grass coming up in the pasture, and Wasabi was happy to be reunited with some of her bunny pals at the bunny playground after missing the event for a few weeks.  I found a great blanket for Boulder to nap on - it is an old comforter and so big that he can snuggle way down in it.  And the dogs all had a mellow week - Bravo's big excitement was venturing down to the neighbor's house to sneak cat food (I know this because I actually smelled his doggie breath when he returned - GUILTY!!).  Poor Solo is having a tougher time walking lately.  Soon the foreman may have to build him a little pup wheelchair!
 Paco makes a dandy foot rest.
 Weggie gets a hug.
 Double hugs!
 Luigi LOVES the foreman!
 Boulder and the sky.
 Toby is the foreman's biggest guitar fan!
 There's nothing quite like being stared at by a bunny in the kitchen.
 Hanging out!
 Look at that bunny hop!

 Exploring the roof of the cottage.
 Wasabi goes right up to the dogs lately.  It makes me hold my breath, but they are all handling it very well.  She just wants to play!
 On the second level, heading up to the roof of the Cottontail Cottage!
 Look at the GREEN grass!
 Very happy donkeys.

 Waiting around for dinner to be served!
 The donkeys were really playful this week.  I'm happy they got some sunny days before the rains start.

 Boulder likes to drink out of Wasabi's water bowl.  I've read that cats and rabbits should not share the same water bowl  - so every time I see Boulder drink out of it I have to take it, clean it and refill it.  Just one of the many detailed chores I do here at the Lazy Vegan!
 Waiting for Toby to come play!
 Love those back feet!
 Boulder will only tolerate the bun for a while.  Then he gets annoyed.

 Discussing the day with beloved Buddy.
 Lately I've noticed that Wasabi has a routine with Buddy.  After dinner, she will stretch and yawn and then hop over to Buddy and spend a long time grooming him.  Then she'll groom herself and will lay down next to him.  SOOOOO cute!
 Getting attention from the foreman.
 Using her "hay buffet".  This is a fantastic product that has almost completely eliminated hay mess in our house.  The only reason you see hay on the floor here is because Bravo tried to get into her litterbox when she wasn't in it and spilled it.  Anyway, I LOVE the hay buffet  - handmade out of recycled plastic.  Check out the hay buffet link on the right hand side...the woman who created it is super nice, too!
 Fun times at the bunny playground.
 Busy "chinning" everything!
 Hanging out with a new bun.
 I adored this little boy - he was told that the bunnies would approach him if he was completely still.  Wasabi was the only bunny who went up to him and I could tell he was thrilled!
Trying to befriend Solo is taking some time...

I think Bravo is secretly THRILLED to have a bunny sister!
Visiting the donks.
Here I try to regain my balance after being pushed by Paco!

I love my Paco.  And my Weegie.  Luigi just doesn't like for me to hug him!

Always waiting in the kitchen for some food event to happen!

Heading back from the neighbor's house.  GUILTY DOG!

No, it isn't a doggie ghost...just poor Solo heading over to the water bowl with his flannel blankie!