Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Big News of the Week: A MARRIAGE! And MERRY CHRISTMAS at the Lazy Vegan!

OMG, what a week it has been!  First of all, starting off on a Monday, when we get a phone call from our beautiful daughter, Karina.  "Mom,"  she tells me, "Nick is now officially your son-in-law"!!!!  Karina and Nick slapped a "closed" sign on their coffee shop and rushed off to the courthouse to tie the knot...in exactly the same manner that the foreman and I did nearly 20 years ago!  We are thrilled with the news and very happy for the newlyweds.  This was most definitely the news of the week/month/year and made Christmas pale a bit in comparison.  Nevertheless, by week's end I was so used to saying "son-in-law" and "mother-in-law" and "newlyweds" that I was ready for the next big event.  Christmas!  Despite the rain we had a cozy gathering at the Lazy Vegan and then a visit out at the beach house.  More socializing to come in the next few days.  Merry Christmas to all and CONGRATULATIONS to the new Mr. & Mrs.!!!!!
I found this fancy card and glued Nick & Karina's heads to the bodies of the groom and bride!

 Wasabi opens her gift from Grandma Snap!
 The new newlyweds!

 Snap tries on her hat!
 Lindsey says hello to Wasabi.
 Chatting at the beach house.
 Ocean view!
 Aaron with his uncle Randy.
 Lindsey and Becky work on the puzzle.
 This beach house had a lot of religious artifacts - perfect for Christmas!
 Patty works very hard at opening cans of cranberry sauce!

 More chatting.
 Learning a new game called "Set".

 More puzzle work.

 Bodega sunset after the storm.
 Showing off my table display.

For Christmas lunch I served vegan chili, vegan samosas, salad & rolls and lots of little snacks...now I am stuffed!

Solo always has to be held these days when company is over.
Bravo wasted no time identifying a gift for the dogs!
Toby was pretty excited with this gift from the Tomashefskys!
Beautiful Claire shows off her scarf and hat.
My SON-IN-LAW (I just love saying that!) tries on his new hat.
Lindsey and Paul look ready for the slopes!

Santa left a huge bag of tennis balls for Toby!

Claire is always nice to think of taking a photo of MOI.
WIth my dear old pup.
Hugging Grandma Snap!

Bravo in a box!

Pretending to work on the puzzle with Scott (I hate puzzles).
The foreman and Drew.
Psoing with Mary (no offense to anyone...she's just perfect to pose with!).

I like this Ansel Admas photo of the church in Bodega.
With the foreman!

Check out Karina and the foreman (double click for the full effect!).

Karina and Claire!
The Mr. & Mrs.!

Lindsey and Paul try out a new word game.

These got a bit out of order...back at the Lazy Vegan, photographing my table display again!


Claire with a finger monster puppet.
Nick shows off his impressive new tattoo of Robert Johnson.
On a sunny day before Christmas, we got in the mood with our Santa hats!

With Paco.
Poor Luigi - I put antlers on him and he was furious with me!

The foreman and the retro antler hat!

Weegie pees with his antlers on!

Paco is always such a good sport.
The foreman goes to rescue Weegie.

My fuzzy donkeys boys!

The brand-new newlyweds...this photo was taken at the courthouse!
Visiting with my son-in-law at his coffee shop!
Joey (the witness at the wedding!) with Nick.
The sign Karina put on their coffee shop!  I love it.
Of course, Snap and I were there bright and early the morning after we got the news, bringing champagne, flowers & balloons to the coffee shop!

Our cars in the parking lot.  We're SO alike!
The cute couple right after they bought the coffee shop...and the photo below I took of them on one of their first anniversaries.  Congratulations, Karina & Nick - we love you!
And Merry Christmas and Peace to All!