Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Donkey Reindeer, A Visit from the Equine Vet and Trying on Santa Hats at the Lazy Vegan

Behold the Donkey Reindeer!  All Paco needs now is a sleigh to pull!
Things are starting to look like Christmas around the Lazy Vegan. Hats and antlers are being tried on, and Paco is all set to pull a sleigh - the foreman needs to build one!  The donkeys had a visit from Dr. Kerr, the equine vet, this week - it was time for their annual rabies shots.  Now we have a routine with Paco to avoid too much "donkey drama"...the foreman walked both the donkeys right before the vet arrived, which has a calming effect on them.  And then as soon as we hear the vet truck pulling up the drive, the foreman got Paco all set by the barn and ready to go!  In other news this week, Solo seems a bit better.  He still staggers around when he walks but I've been taking him out more frequently (to avoid those indoor pee puddles) and his new barn coat seems to be helping...except that sometimes he gets too warm in it...so the coat is always going on and coming off!
The foreman gets double kisses...from the pup and the bunny!
Prety silly.

Hop, hop, hop!
Checking in with Solo.

The walk before the vet arrives...I think the boys knew something was up!
I don't know who looks more ready for a parade...the donkeys or the foreman!

Didn't get to take too many photos with the vet there.  I was busy hanging on to one of the donkeys.  Plus, the foreman got an important cell phone call right as Paco was getting his shot!
Dr. Kerr tries to make amends with Luigi.
Luigi's turn...you can see Dr. Kerr preparing the shot!

This was very amusing...after both the donks got their shots, Dr. Kerr offered them a carrot treat.  Luigi came up to him, politely sniffed it and then turned and walked away.  Paco, on the other hand, came up, saw the carrot piece and SNORTED and spun on his donkey heels and took off - Dr. Kerr said it was the donkey equivalent of flipping him the bird!
Getting harnessed up.

Paco on a foggy morning.
Smoke in the new chimney!
Karina and Nick stopped by and Toby was THRILLED to see them!
Carrot treat time for the boys.

Hugs and brushing time, too!

I've been trying to brush off the dried mud, but it is a daily process!

Claire came over and got a little guitar lesson from the foreman!

Wasabi LOVES company.

Old Solo gets extra attention.

Yum...butternut squash!
Waiting around for dinner.
Wasabi got a Christmas card from one of her bunny buddies - actually, a family of four bunnies - from BunSpace!  In fact, the first holiday card the household received this year was addressed to Wasabi!

Hopping around in the evening.

Solo with and without the barn coat.

Early morning visitors!

Practicing to be a reindeer!

Pawing the ground, ready to go!
Trying on a Santa hat.  Paco is such a good sport!

Of course Luigi didn't want anything to do with it...although he still likes to pose next to Paco!

Wasabi is quite certain that dinner is LATE.
Beautiful sunset.
Sunday morning time with the comics!

The Buddy grooming session.

The bun gets into the holiday spirit!

Solo briefly tried a hat on.
Bravo just can't decide which one he likes best!

Toby opted for the bell collar!
And, last but not least...the elusive bunny yawn captured on camera!