Sunday, December 5, 2010

Solo Enters His Golden Olden Days, Splitting Firewood and The Smallest Christmas Tree Returns at the Lazy Vegan

Solo, the oldest terrier at the Lazy Vegan, is suddenly having serious issues, including drinking an enormous amount of water daily, peeing in the house, and - sadly - falling over now and then.  A trip to the vet and a round of tests proved inconclusive, so we will do another round of tests in two months (as per the vet's instructions).  He's an old fella so he has definitely entered his golden olden days!  I bought him a fleece "barn coat" and that has definitely helped to keep him warm and has lessened his shivering.  I don't know how much longer he has with us, but I want to make sure his last days are as comfortable as possible!  In other Lazy Vegan news, we rented a log splitter this week.  Whoa!  What a machine!  Check out the video at the bottom of this posting to see us pretending to be Paul Bunyan!
Solo still finds a lot to howl about!
Toby is never far from the basket of toys.
Bravo insists on ruining the couch cushions!
Hanging out in the "fireplace den"!
Lots of deer lately.  'Tis the season.
My canvas print of Boulder arrived from Shutterfly and it is beautiful - it looks like a painting!

Queen Bun takes over the kitchen.
Where is the bun?
Let's see...two bunny condos, two tunnels, various toys...yes, I do believe it is her own private bunny playground!
I love the deer.
And, of course, the donks.
An empty beer box!
Don't ask me what Toby is doing here.  Anything for attention!

Drum roll, please...the log splitter arrives.
It was LOUD!

Really my job wasn't actually using the machine.  I got the logs ready for the foreman.
Pretty cheery worker!

It was an amazing piece of machinery.

This is all wood from our own property...we'd drive the truck down to the various piles, load up and bring it back to the machine.
The foreman's "fake smile" is out of control these days!

Poor little Solo off to the vet.
Wasabi and some Christmas catalogs.
Day two of the log splitting event!
Oh, so happy!

I'm happy we now have so much wood...but while we were doing it, I kept thinking of two words:  central heating!
The foreman in his "In Defense of Animals" beanie.
Queen Bun uses Baby as a pillow during a nap.
Doing a little "bunstruction" on her cottage.
Did somebody say "carrot"?
Toby also went to the vet for a check-up this week.  He had some lumps that had to be biopsied.  It is always something!
The trio line up for dinner.
Solo in his new plaid barn coat!

Getting yet another drink of water.
Paco's beautiful nose.
Some dreary days for the donks...but they seem o.k. with it.

The late-afternoon sprawl of the "thumpers".
The sign of a very relaxed bun with the "thumpers" outstretched!
You can see that the bunny playground is really the entire house now.
Bravo gets cozy by the new fireplace!

Thirteen turkeys visit.
The return of the annual World's Smallest Christmas Tree!  It is actually a rosemary bush.  After the holidays it gets planted.  So no tree is cut down!

The young pair of deer that I keep spotting on the property.

Paco and Weegie position themselves into hee-haw stances.

The new fireplace is so great- you can see it from various spots in the house.  Very cozy!
Aerial view of lounging pups.
The weekly routine with the comics!  I only buy the paper once a week - I walk into town to get it.  Wasabi always gets the comic page.  Today she actually appeared to be reading it!

Queen Bun awaits her staff.
I ordered a custom "Boulder" necklace from that awesome vegan jeweler, Christy Robinson (see fish link to her website on this page)...she does a great job.  I love having a necklace to remember my Boulder by.  I still miss him a lot!  He was a great feline companion.  Suddenly I am dreaming about him all the time!