Sunday, December 19, 2010

'Twas the Week Before Xmas at the Lazy Vegan

 Brave bunny races over to say hi to the crazed Jack Russell terrier!
'Twas the week before Christmas, and all through the house...every creature was stirring, EVEN a mouse!  We're all set for the holidays at the Lazy Vegan.  This week included a trip to the vet for Bravo, who has been battling the itchy skin syndrome like crazy.  I hated to resort to meds, but in this case they do the trick almost instantly...I would hate to have him itching on Christmas Day!  The farrier was supposed to come trim the donkeys' hooves, but called to say it was too rainy - so we rescheduled for New Year's Eve day.  And Wasabi went to the Bunny Playground.  She hasn't been in a long time and it was good to get caught up with the rest of the buns - there are several new bunnies up for adoption. I hope they all go to great new homes!
 If you look closely at the photo above, you'll see that Bravo is trying to steal one of Wasabi's little "Branch Bites" toys!
 Carrot treat time in the rain!
 Paco tried on my rain slicker.

 My reaction to a messy donkey kiss!

 The mud is such a bummer...every spot where the donkeys walk fills up with water.
 Helping clean out the barn!
 Dining out of the rain.
 The foreman checks up on Solo.
Carrot treat time on another day in the barn!
 Well, it looks like a couple of looney donkey people!
 The foreman multi-tasking...drinking coffee while giving out carrot treats.

 I'm still searching for a better raincoat - I need one that covers my legs, too!

 Off to the bunny playground with Wasabi!
 Upon arrival, Wasabi always seeks the cover of one of the tunnels first.
 That's a new black bunny named Pauline.
 Hopping over to say hi to some visitors.
 Chillin' on the other side of the tunnel from Jasper.
 This nice family gave Wasabi tons of attention - people were making jokes that she had come to her own "spa" for a massage!

 A cute girl pets Cinnamon.
A new bun named Graystone.
I love the deer!
Posing with "itchy boy" Bravo underneath the wreath.
Just a typical evening with the bun and pups hanging out.

Begging bunny!
Wasabi's sign!

Wasabi drinks a lot of water.
Paco sitting around again!
Turkey vultures!

Wasabi tries to engage with Solo.

Double pets!

Wasabi got yet another Christmas card just addressed to her!
I'm working on my "Boulder book" and found this great old photo of Boulder snuggling with Solo when he was a wee pup!