Sunday, January 16, 2011

Best Pals of the Week: Bravo & Wasabi! And Sunshine! And Amazing Flying Geese at Great Heights! ...at the Lazy Vegan

Best buds...the pup and the bun!
Wasabi has always seemed to want to hang out with Bravo the most out of the trio of dogs, which is somewhat ironic when one considers how during the year it took for the animals to get acquainted through the gate, Bravo was the only terrier who would stand there literally chattering his teeth from excitement at merely spotting a RABBIT in the house!  Now they are quite the pair!  Bravo loves to steal Wasabi's chew sticks (shown, above) and she adores hopping smack over to get right into his canine face.  I think he has met his match...he's really not sure how to respond to her, but I think he privately adores the attention!   In other news this week, we were heading out for the daily carrot treat time with the donkeys when suddenly an amazing sound of squawking/honking came from the sky.  We didn't realize it until we looked at the photos up close later - but what we saw was hundreds of geese flying at a super high altitude above us.  It was one of those once-in-a-lifetime sights!  Certainly the first time we've ever seen it at the Lazy Vegan!
Really, it is the little things in life that we get the most enjoyment from...such as the thrill that Bravo gets when the empty bag of dog food is left for him to lick!

The fearless terrier has no problem going inside the bag!

Showering the foreman with affection!

Toby always tries to sneak kisses in!
Such a beautiful bun profile!
Solo likes to watch Wasabi hop about.

The buddies hanging out.

I like how Wasabi looks like she's trying to lounge around like a dog!
She has no issues with heading smack over to Bravo!
Old Solo rests.  He's been falling down more lately but is still getting around.
Bun on the move.
Morning time in the living room.

We had SUNSHINE this week- a rare event!  The donkeys loved it!

Paco and Weegie love to race around the pasture and then head into the barn to turn in circles before repeating their play - it is so much fun to watch!
Hanging out AGAIN!

Wasabi uses her litterbox while the foreman watches basketball.

The bedtime ritual- snuggling down with "baby"!

Luigi and his shadow!
Solo manages to slowly make his way about.
Toby heard the word "treat"!
These photos are better if you double-click on them to make them larger.  HUNDREDS (I started to count the tiny dots and stopped about a third of the way at 150) of geese!

This is the backside of them flying away.  We used the bird field guide to try to identify them.  We're pretty sure they are the Canada Goose.  I guess you don't call them "Canadian Geese". Anyway, they are geese of some kind!
Carrot treat time!

The foreman heads off with his crew.
Scratching Paco.

The bun making her rounds.

They are just so cute together!

If you enlarge the photo above, you'll see Wasabi standing up.  I love it when she does that.  TOO ADORABLE!
I predict that some day soon these two will be taking naps together!

While Wasabi does her thing in the litterbox, the dogs hang out with the chew bones.
Solo sleeps all the time now.  I am preparing myself for the day...although I know you can't really ever be prepared!