Sunday, January 30, 2011

Happy Birthday to ME at the Lazy Vegan!

Happy Birthday to MOI at the Lazy Vegan!!!
  Here I am, above, at the bare beginnings of my 46 years!  Who knows what was going through my head way back then...I probably had little idea that I'd be getting a Schwinn Cruiser for my 46th birthday!  The weather only cooperated long enough to take a short ride on our lane today, which was fine.  I have a raincheck to ride with Snap next weekend!  I had a wonderful birthday weekend, starting off with a celebration at Snap's house on Friday...when she made yummy mini vegan cupcakes and Karina and Claire joined us for some hula hooping! And the fun's not over yet...I'm off to dinner with the foreman...we're going to our favorite vegan restaurant, Slice of Life!  So stay tuned for some major bicycle photos in the blogs to come...and perhaps a video or two!  So far being 46 is AWESOME!  Thanks to my family and friends for their generous gifts...as always, I was spoiled...and I loved it!

Gotta think of a name for this great bicycle...any suggestions?
Bravo's hoping to go for a spin on it some day!
I love the details...it also has a great cup holder...for a latte!
The seat is what sold me!!
And the basket!

Books from my mom, dad & stepmom...you can see there's a common theme!
That "cake" in the center is an amazing floral cake from my aunt Bubba & uncle Neil!
Beautiful tulips from Snap!
SCORE- a vintage style yellow coat I found at the thrift store!
From afar, the "cake" looked real and I kept thinking about taking a bite!
Birthday music!

Cutting the cake!! Hee, hee.

Blowing out the candles on the cake!  If you enlarge the photo above, you'll see the beautiful necklace I got from my gift certificate from Dad & Deb!
Wasabi was VERY intrigued with the cake!
It took her two seconds to figure out she could eat part of it!
Vegan donuts!
We went to look at a fixer property!

Our ten minutes of sunshine!

Solo tries out the basket!
The sweater I am wearing is ANOTHER thrift store find!

I can't wait to ride this into the big town some day!
Yep, that's the foreman on MY bike!
Bunny birthday kisses!
The foreman zooming along while the donkeys watch!

You know he's going to want his OWN cruiser!
This awesome bike has three speeds and "pedal brakes" instead of hand brakes, which took some getting used to. 
Look, Ma- ONE hand!
Helmet-free on our lane only!

Check out the big wheels in my shadow!

I love this helmet company:  "Nutcase"!
The back says "I love my brain"!!
I love this cat ring holder - a gift from Sheryl!
Sheryl also gave me this adorable coffee cup - with animals holding coffee cups - how cute!  AND it fits in my bicycle cup holder!
Happy birthday wishes on the Scrabble board from my Scrabble buddy, Marion!
Sheryl also found me this card that looks so much like Boulder (thank you, Sheryl!).

 The cool raincoat I ordered with my gift certificate from Aunt Patty & crew!
 The colorful brand new VEGAN Dansko "sneaker" clogs I ordered with the birthday money Snap gave me!  I'll be stylin'!

A SECOND helmet- because I found it on clearance, and because more than one helmet option is a nice thing to have!
Wasabi checks out the carrot bubble bath from Aunt Patty!
Posing with my "cake"!
Every year Snap makes my FAVORITE dish- sweet and sour cabbage!  YUM!!
Snap's beautiful pear, kiwi & raspberry dish.
Snap and I went on a walk near Gold Ridge Farm- here I am on this great cat bench!

Snap on the trail.
Preparing the sugar dusting of the mini cupcakes!

BEAUTIFUL vegan mini cupcakes!
Snap warns me not to burn my hair on the candles...such a MOM!
I look like I want to stash these cupcakes somewhere and eat them all myself!

Getting ready to chow down!

Hula hoop time!!!
Karina and Claire were great at the hula hoop!

I think Snap had a good technique, too!

On the other hand, I was terrible!

Hooping it up!

I look like I need major help!
Double hoops!

Claire's secret kick!
Turning 46 was so much fun that I can't wait to turn 47!!