Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year at the Lazy Vegan!

                                          Happy 2011!!! 
We're looking forward to a brand new year at the Lazy Vegan.  This past week included more socializing with visiting relatives, two birthdays, a trip to Santa Cruz, many sightings of the feral orange cat (photo above), and the annual New Year's Day cleaning out of the closets (FUN!).  Ever since Boulder died almost two months ago, this orange cat has become more brave and is hanging out a lot more often.  He is very skittish, though - so I don't think he will be come a new member of the family any time soon.  He is definitely homeless, and a neighbor and I both started feeding him many months ago - now he goes for all of his meals there (I don't think he wanted to compete with Boulder here!).  Anyway, I hope to see more of him in the new year!

The orange cat hanging out.
After a heavy rainstorm we woke up to see the Green Valley creek had flooded!

It looks like a lake!
Heading out to harness up the donkeys on a chilly morning to get ready for the farrier.
The foreman is heading right into 2011 with that perfected "fake" smile of his!

The usual routine with the farrier!

The boys were pretty good this time.
Claire turned 22 this week!  Here she blows out the candle on her vegan grilled cheese and tempeh sandwiches!  A little different than a cake...
Her new guitar!

Getting a lesson from the foreman.
Striking a pose while Toby yawns!
Heading down to Santa Cruz to visit Julie and to celebrate Paul's birthday, too!

Hanging around Julie's cozy kitchen.

This must be the year of forgotten birthday cakes...Paul blows out a match for good luck!

Trying out Julie's nifty stair chair lift!

Heading back home.
Wasabi checks out her Xmas gift...and then it went back into the closet.  Too fluffy for every day use (she will chew it!).

Grandma Snap's beautiful salad!
Karina opens a gift from her half-sister, Emily.

Getting ready for Grandma Snap's annual flashlight game!

Anthony with his winnings!

Deb in the kitchen.
Every "kid" got a "Wham-it"!
Posing with Snap - she made an awesome dinner!

Back at the Lazy Vegan, Patty snuggles with Solo.
Aaron checks in with Wasabi.

John says hi to Solo.
And sits with the other dogs!

Toby desperately tries to get in a kiss!

Wasabi peers out of the second level window.

Hanging out with the, uh, NON-vegan relatives at Screamin' Mimi's ice cream parlor!  I had nothing, but I had a good time.

 Heading off to the bunny playground!
 Deb & Dad came to the playground!
 Deb checks in with Pauline.
 Nicolas in a trance!
 Deb holds Pauline!
 Wasabi spent most of the time in a tunnel, but finally came out.

 Dad holds Pauline!
 Now that Boulder is gone (sniff), the neighbor's cat also comes around.
 Wasabi checks out the front page - Happy New Year!
 The bun and the pup begging at the breakfast table!

 Hanging out with the crew in the living room.

 The boys show off their Christmas barn coats - I got Toby & Bravo the same type as Solo already had.

 Saying Happy New Year's to the donkeys !