Sunday, January 23, 2011

Spring is in the Air EARLY at the Lazy Vegan!

The weather has been amazing here at the Lazy Vegan this week!  Tons of sunshine and blue skies.  We had to put up with a few mornings of fog, but otherwise nobody is complaining.  The highlight of the week was selling my sewing machine (it has been residing in the closet, unused, for the past couple of years) and then decided to put the earnings toward an early birthday purchase for MOI - a bicycle.  With a basket!  I test-rode many bikes and finally made my decision today and picked a vintage looking dark green Schwinn with a red plaid seat and a cupholder!  And a big basket.  My plan is to ride on the bike trail to the produce stand for veggies, etc.  Photos will be on the blog next week.  Since it is my b-day gift, it didn't feel right to put it on the blog just yet until I have my birthday bike ride!  Plus, I need to buy a helmet, which may require some research...because all of the helmets at the bike shop were too high-tech looking to go with the bike.  So that's it for this week...I'm off to look at my bike and ride it around the driveway.  The funniest thing is that it has pedal brakes instead of hand brakes - just like my bike did when I was a kid!
Wasabi hops about while the terriers lounge.

I love the deer!  This group of four young deer practically live at the Lazy Vegan.

Wasabi always has to "chin" her belongings after they've been moved.
Those wood-working donkeys at it again!

After working hard on their de-barking project on the firewood, the boys took dust baths.

Solo wakes up from a nap.
Another sighting of the feral orange cat!  Right on our driveway.

The dynamic duo again.

Getting clean.

Begging bunny!
I ask you:  who could resist that face?
Checking in with Toby.
Peering out of the side window.
Carrot treat time without Solo & Toby - they were finishing their dinners indoors!

I love it when Paco rests his head on the foreman's shoulders.
The foreman gives Wasabi fresh parsley from the garden.
If you enlarge the photo above, you'll see that the foreman has an audience!

Wasabi is intrigued with the dog bone basket!

Hopping around in the morning sunshine.

Checking out the view!
Bad bunny chewing on the kitchen chairs again!
She knows she's guilty but she doesn't really care!

Hopping away from the camera!
Wasabi helped me pick out my bike!