Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Wood Working Donkeys, the Fog that Forgot to Leave and the Daily Kale at the Lazy Vegan

The Happy Vegans!
The first full week of the new year was all about the FOG that forgot to leave!  Fog, fog, fog...all day long, with the exception of a few hours here and there.  It was really nice to take advantage of the new woodburning fireplace and keep the house nice and cozy.  The donkeys have their own wood project going on...since we expanded their corral around the barn, they now have access to some firewood that was stacked there and have been carefully "debarking" all the individual logs.  Which is great - because then the logs are easier to burn in the fireplace!  They also have almost completely "debarked" a fallen tree in the corral.  So they've been busy boys, and they seem to really enjoy the work!  They LOVE to have a job to do! In other exciting Lazy Vegan news, I have decided that I needed to eat more kale...so I've had kale every day of 2011 so far.  I like it best finely chopped up in salads.  We'll see if the "daily kale" gives me some super powers by the end of the year!
Turkey vultures on an oak tree in the fog.

You really can't get any more relaxed than this bun!
Passing the time with the pups.

A visit from Dad & Deb!  Solo loved the extra attention.

The donkeys were well-behaved for the visit.  Once again, the whole day was enveloped in fog!

Paco says hi to his grandpa.

Paco says hi to his grandma...who was also holding Solo!

The animals love visitors and do their best to be as obnoxious as possible!

A rare hour of sunshine.
Luigi decides which carrot piece to eat first.

Working on their wood project!

Sunday morning...bun, pup and the comics!

If you click the above photo twice to enlarge it, you'll see how silly both donkeys look!
Wasabi grooming.
Group photo after Dad & Deb treated everyone to breakfast!

A friendly antique store dog.
The foreman pets Wasabi while getting a kiss from Bravo!
Donkeys in the fog.

A group of passing deer catch the attention of the donkeys.

The kitchen is a favorite hang out place!

Wasabi is so sweet to hop over and check in with old Solo.

Viewing her queendom from the second level of her cottage.

Twenty minutes of sunshine!
The boys work very hard at their debarking job.  They take it very seriously.

Paco tries on my favorite hat!

He is such a good sport...and I think he really enjoys wearing hats!  But since it is my favorite warm and comfy hat, I'm not about to give it to him.

Weegie is a little leery of the whole hat thing.
You can see how much new space they have at the back of their barn now!
Heading for bluer skies!