Sunday, February 20, 2011

From Sunshine to Snow in the Hills in One Week at the Lazy Vegan!

It is that bunny/doggie duo again!

What a wild week it was weather-wise at the Lazy Vegan! We went from some very warm sunny days to downpours with heavy wind and SNOW (well, on the hills- but snow that we could see from our lane!).  I was glad that the donkeys seem to have grown an even thicker coat and that everyone else was warm & cozy indoors.  We only lost power for a couple of hours, which was rather amazing considering the amount of wind.  I actually hung out with the donkeys for a while when the wind was really blasting- and I am very pleased that their barn is totally solid - you can't feel the wind at all once inside.  Of course, that doesn't mean I'll be moving out there any time soon!  Although I WOULD like to bring the donkeys in to the house!

Solo is not doing that great, but he manages to hang in there.
 We went to the bunny playground for the first time in weeks!  Wasabi always heads for her favorite tunnel when we arrive.  Here Jasper is checking out her rear end!
 Maggie and Jasper playing around.
 Wasabi getting ready to get out to mingle!
 A new bun named Miko gets cuddled.  He's super cute and friendly, but Wasabi didn't like him.
 Wasabi DID like this bun named Willow - who looks a lot like her but with brown and white markings instead of black and white!

 They are pretty darn cute together.
 This bun already has a home.  Super cute!
 The bunny playground scene.
 Wasabi with Willow again.
 Wasabi gets snuggled by some strange dude.
 Josephine and the ton-of-fun-bun-run.
 Wasabi soaks up the attention.

 Just making herself at home!
 Miko getting snuggled again...and look below at the very cute Holly getting snuggled!

Wasabi headed into a nearby box to groom herself - and then we went home.

Major development!  Wasabi tries on her harness for the very first time!
It isn't fastened yet in this photo - we discovered that it is too small on her, so I'll be buying a larger one soon.
The foreman gets her used to the look of it!
Bravo investigates, too!

Whoa- once fastened you can see that it is too small!  Awfully cute, though.  We are going to take harness training very slowly, and once she is used to it we'll go on short (and very supervised) walks in the yard!

A leash attaches to the backside, but I didn't put it on yet.
It is amazing what fun a bun can have with a BOX!

Paco shows off his very fuzzy coat.
The first sunshine in days!

Weegie poses!
Wasabi spends SO long grooming Buddy & Baby!

This is one mightily relaxed bunny - look at those ears and those outstretched back legs!

Soaking up the sun.
Those are flood waters below!
Staying cozy!
Begging for more music!
Wasabi likes a messy room.

This gives you a little idea of the MUD.
I've been putting firelogs in the barn when it is raining - the donkeys love to peel off the bark.  And then I can use it for our fireplace!  It is a win-win!!
Paco blabbing about something.

So romantic with no power.  NOT.
Yes, that's snow in the hills!!  View from top of our lane.

I blame the above purchase of totally cute new rainboots on Sheryl.  She said they were "totally me" and, of course, she was right.  I had to get them!  They fit great and they also make a nice table display!
Wasabi likes to bother the guitarist.
Checking in with Buddy again.
A visit from Karina- I had to get her to pose with my bike!
The musicians of the family!

You wouldn't really know it, but Toby is actually becoming an old pup!
Poor Toby.  Even Wasabi won't play ball!

I got this hat at Xmas.  The foreman instantly called me a "Japanese Snow Monkey"!

Well, I have to admit...
Hee, hee...
I would probably fit right in!!

The foreman and firewood.
Snap and I walked past this community garden on our weekly walk.  Didn't bike this week- too rainy!
We discovered this great scarecrow!
So naturally we had to pose with him.

I love the sign!
BREAKING NEWS!!!  I went to CVS the other day and discovered that Easter stuff is out already...including a row of "BUDDIES"!  The exact same stuffed animal that my aunt Barbara and uncle Neil got for Wasabi last year!  It was so funny seeing all of them!  I feel like "Buddy" is a member of our family- he certainly is VERY important to Wasabi!  So I bought a "back-up Buddy" for her.  And then went with Snap, because she wanted to get one for a friend in a nursing home who is crazy about bunnies...and I bought another Buddy then!
So cute!
Picking out the perfect Buddy!
When I got home, I introduced the new bunnies to "Buddy".

Now this is just humorous - Wasabi was NOT thrilled to see two more "Buddies"!!  Look at that ear position! 
For the longest time she just stared at them.  Then she slowly ventured up to one.

She really didn't care for any of it!

Finally, I put the two new ones away in the closet, and then she relaxed, while keeping a sideways eye on the "real" Buddy!!

I stopped by to see Nick and Karina at their cafe- hard at work!
That is a brand new beautiful screen door that one of their customers made for them!  Karina had the handle already - I think she bought it from an antique store in New Orleans back in high school.  It goes perfectly!

Carrot treat time!

The foreman goofing around with Weegie.

When the sun was out, we opened up the deck and Wasabi loved it- she had the run of everywhere!

She hopped from the kitchen, through the living room and out to the deck!

The last time she was on the deck was months ago, and she wasn't "free ranging" with the dogs yet.  This time everyone hung out.

Pausing to say hello to Solo!
Exploring the chairs!
She loves "Sancho"!

This is one very happy bunny!

I think the dogs really love having a bunny sister around!

Only rode the cruiser once- but I'll be back on the trail when the weather is better!