Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday to Paco, More "Cruisin'", a Visit from Foxes, Bravo is now a VEGAN dog, and Happy Early Valentine's Day at the Lazy Vegan!

Happy early Valentine's Day and Happy 4th Birthday to Paco!!

  Every year the neighbor's girl down our lane comes over around Feb. 14th with her friends...her birthday is the same day as Paco's, which, of course, is also Valentine's Day!  So it is a nice annual event to look forward to...the girls love seeing the donkeys!  The highlight of the week was seeing not one but TWO foxes on our driveway.  I had just returned from "cruisin'" to Graton with Snap (very fun) and had only been home for a few minutes when we suddenly noticed that the donkeys were "on alert".  At first I thought the foxes were two giant squirrels zipping back and forth on the driveway, but then quickly realized they were two beautiful foxes.  I managed to toss (literally) Bravo back indoors just in time...didn't want him chasing after them (and I didn't feel like going to the emergency vet!!!).  Speaking of Bravo, he has quietly made the transition from a meat diet to a complete vegan kibble. I've been slowly switching his food over the past couple of weeks. And he loves it!  I'm hoping the switch will help with his skin allergies.  I'm not going to change the other dogs' diets just yet...Solo is really too old and fragile to be making any change.  But I am thrilled that there are now many vegan dog food options out on the market, and the one I am feeding Bravo gets rave reviews! Check out three silly new videos at the bottom of this post...including one "cruisin'"...I hope to be able to attach my video camera to my bicycle basket soon!
In honor of Paco's birthday, some more photos of the boys in their younger days...look how the turkeys are just about as big as they are!!

This is really what got me hooked...I had visited the Honkey Donkey Farm a couple of days after Valentine's Day and snapped this photo of Paco - just days old. SO CUTE. And then mere months later, he came to live at the Lazy Vegan!
Double click the photos above and below to get a good look at the foxes!

Wasabi listens to the foreman play while Snoopy is on t.v.
Snap coming up the trail.  We had it to ourselves in the a.m.
Posing by the map of the West County & Joe Rodota Trails.
Toward the end of the trail, the pavement ends.  Snap has no problem navigating through the gravel.
Our destination:  the Willow Wood Cafe!
After using Snap's lock to secure our bikes, we went in for our drinks.  Of course I had to keep an eye on my precious Schwinn!
We ran into our friend Victoria, who snapped these photos!

On the way home, Snap checks her cell phone...three bars!
Trudging up the driveway, moments before the foxes.  I have to push the bike up.  I'm not sure I'll ever be able to ride it up!
Right before the foxes appeared, the donkeys were "on alert" (photo below).

The birthday boy!

The neighbor girls come to see the donkeys.

This one gal was really intrigued with Luigi, and he seemed to really like her!

The girls brought a birthday bouquet!

There were a lot of very silly donkey faces going on...we think from the bit of vegan vanilla cookie that the boys shared!
So hilarious!

Patiently waiting for some of his birthday cookie!

The foreman and his SMILE.

Silly, silly Paco!

Paco is just SO happy to be four!!

Weegie is happy that there's another birthday celebration!
Paul came for a visit and Bravo was thrilled to see him!
I think Paul is jealous of my cool bike!
Claire came over and she liked my bike, too!  Lots of bike envy going on!
Turkey vulture chilling out.
Oh, be still my heart...Claire found vegan marshmallows and brought them over- we roasted some over the kitchen stove and they were EXCELLENT!!!  And just think...no animal hooves or bones!!
Wasabi hanging out.
I was all set to take the bun to the playground this weekend, but had a bad headache.  I know she understood.  We'll go next week.  We found out there's a new bun there and she looks exactly like Wasabi!
Of course, no other bun could be THIS cute!
Having fun with Bravo.

Sniffing Bravo's paw!

Cleaning her ears!
Snuggling at bedtime.
I call this lone turkey "Hank". He is never with the rest of the turkeys.  He's the one who flew into the oak tree last week.

Wasabi got a Valentine from her friend Gustav and his bunny siblings!

Lately I've rekindled my fondness for thrift stores. I found these great items for only $3.00 - and when I got up to the register to pay from them, I discovered they were all half off!  Such a deal.
Bravo loves to pose.
Bravo especially likes the green and white cropped jacket.

Bravo's new food!!  Yippee!!

Bravo's new dog food!!
A TRUE Vegan Formula Contains no dairy products or products derived from trace amounts of meat or dairy sources.

Brown Rice Rice grain with the bran portion intact, an excellent source of carbohydrates. Contains increased levels of B vitamins.
Oatmeal An exceptional source of: carbohydrates, fiber, thiamin and vitamin E. Not widely used in pet food because of cost.
Green Peas An excellent source for B complex vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin A, protein, carbohydrates and fiber.

Fresh Potatoes Single premium quality carbohydrates, rich in potassium and highly digestible energy source.