Sunday, February 6, 2011

Luigi Turns Four!! And Grandpa Tom Celebrates a Birthday! The Tomashefskys Visit! And Taking the Cruiser for a Spin and More at the Lazy Vegan!

                            Happy 4th Birthday to Luigi! 
Weegie shares the same birthday with Grandpa Tom, which makes it quite the day to celebrate!
Sweet Luigi when he was only a few months old, above...and a couple of weeks old, below!! 

Another week filled with sunshine has passed at the Lazy Vegan...the perfect weather for taking the new cruiser out for a spin!  And the perfect time for the Tomashefskys to come for a visit to check out some houses for when they eventually move to Sebastopol!  Our little Luigi turned four and he celebrated in his usual way...rather shyly avoiding the fanfare but eating his treats, anyway!  Since donkeys have a life expectancy of up to 40 years, we hope that Luigi will be with us for a long, long time.  And now it is time to go check in on the Superbowl...not that I care about football, but it is fun to watch the commercials...and Wasabi likes it, too!
Enjoying the sunshine!

The dogs love to hang out at lunch time.
Lounging donks!
Trying to get a photo with Paco!
The birthday boy basking in the sun.

More photo attempts...look at that donkey snout!!

Weegie doesn't like it when I try to take a photo of us together.  He's very careful about his "personal space"!
The dynamic duo relax together.

Meeting Snap in downtown Forestville for our inaugural bicycle ride to Graton!

The view from my handlebars...you can see I added a sunflower to my basket!
Big crates at the apple cannery place.

Checking out the window display at the antique store.
How much is the bunny in the window?  Turns out it is cast iron and is $95.00!
Cute old dog belongs to the antique store owner.  I think he liked my bike!

My bicycle looks good "parked"!
I also like the duck for sale in the antique store.
Ready to head back!
Stopping to say hi to the horses!
One of the few memorial benches on the bike trail.
Snap says hi to the horses and then tries out my cruiser!

An old-fashioned firetruck in Forestville.  I then biked home, but had to walk my bike up the big hills!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO GRANDMPA TOM!!  Here he is as Gepetto from Pinocchio, above!

Getting bunny kisses!

Wasabi spends a long time grooming Buddy!

The duo again.  They are so adorable together.

Relaxing in the kitchen while the sun rises!

Saying hello to Solo!

And saying hi to Toby!
The big four-year-old!
When I came home with a truckload of hay, I startled "Hank" the lone turkey and he flew into the oak tree!
Bravo checks out my new shoes.

Very comfy vegan Danskos!
Wasabi loved the box they arrived in!

A couple of times a week now the orange cat comes by.
Heading off for a solo bike ride!

Dust bath time.

The tomashefsky crew, minus Aaron!
Drew and Grandma Snap.
I got to sit in back with my nephews while we looked at houses!

Naturally I just happened to have a photo of Paco and Luigi with me!
Tooling around.
This is the real reason why the Tomashefskys can't wait to move to Sebastopol...to see people walking with parasols in front of "Refuse Smart Meter" signs and cool vintage yellow cars!

Two weekends in a row of Grandma Snap's awesome vegan cupcakes!
Drew relaxes.

Eating lunch!

Saying goodbyes!

The silly crew.

Birthday time!

Paco wore the hat instead of Luigi!
Weegie loved his birthday carrots!

Those are FOUR candles on one of the vegan cupcakes that Grandma Snap made!  I got to eat the cupcake, because it was chocolate...but Weegie got some sweet grain, instead!
Paco and Luigi when they were only a few months old!