Sunday, February 27, 2011

Waiting for Snow that Never Falls, Luigi TALKS (in a Dream!), More Cruisin' and Daily Academy-Award-Worthy Performances by the Animals at the Lazy Vegan!

The bun and the pup know something's up when "Mama" is in the kitchen!

The big excitement of the week was the forecast of SNOW in our area - Accuweather actually gave the hours of when to expect "flurries" and possible snow/rain showers!  Well, all the hype turned out to be not much more than very thick frost, but it was still fun to think about the possibility of snow.  The donkeys would have looked very cute walking around in a snow drift! In other Lazy Vegan news, I had a very vivid dream in which Luigi "spoke" to me.  This is the third time Luigi has spoken to me in a dream.  Since he's rather shy and reserved in waking life, I have decided that when he talks - even if it is in a dream- I will listen!  Not only that, but I've started to write these dreams down.  In this particular dream, he told me that he "didn't like all of the firewood scattered around in the corral".  This is the firewood that used to be neatly stacked behind the donkey barn.  The boys themselves have unstacked it log by log and have been "debarking" the wood.  At any rate, at some point it all DID get scattered around and I can see why Luigi didn't like it- after I had the dream and went out to feed the donkeys in the morning, and looked at the area with fresh eyes, I could see that they've probably been tripping over the wood!  So I spent about an hour getting most of it out of the corral.  Luigi seemed very pleased.  In one of the other dreams I had, he told me that he "didn't want to cross the road"...I assumed this was the road we take them walking on.  Call me crazy, but I will definitely pay attention when one of the animals "speaks" to me in a dream!  So far Wasabi and Luigi have been the only ones to do so.
Bravo puts on his drama face.  He's ready for the Academy Awards!
Yum - I made vegan buckwheat pancakes.  Small ones.  But then I had three plates full!
Getting ready to head off on my Schwinn to meet Snap!
On the trail Snap and I rode by this very cute egg stand outside somebody's house.  It was definitely run on the honor system.  Of course, I wasn't going to buy any since I don't eat eggs...but it was worth a photo!

Beautiful blue heron on the bike trail!

Part of the "real road" that we have to travel on.
In Graton - we ran into acquaintances who took our photo!
The trail was a bit muddy, but passable!

Only in California could you stop over and do some winetasting right off of a bike trail!
Paco lounges.
Little old Solo makes his way slowly through the landscaping.
Wasabi shows off her new harness- this one fits much better!

Treat time!
Telling Bravo a secret!

Silly donkeys - they're such hams!
Snow clouds?

Enjoying the green grass!
Donkey smiles!

FROST - and it could have even been a mix of frost and snow...who knows!

This bun is up to no good!

The orange cat has been hanging out a lot lately!

A jet in a big hurry.
Relaxing in the cabin while the foreman practices guitar.
Wasabi waits in her almost-dinner-time position in the kitchen.

Playing around.

Chomping on some hay!
She loves to leap in and out of this box!
The lone turkey I call Hank visits Paco and Luigi.

Toby loves the sunshine.
Queen bun relaxing.
Orange cat again...he likes to hang out in the same spot.
Wasabi sure takes good care of Buddy!

A lot more birds out lately.
This is rare...Bravo snuggling with Solo!

I don't think Solo really knows what to make of Wasabi.
Love the fuzzy headed birds.
Luigi watches me pick up the firewood, as per his dream request!
Paco poses by the huge log that the boys have "carved" with their teeth.  It is really quite the sculpture now!

Many times when I arrive home a deer will be there to greet me at the base of the driveway.

Wasabi enjoyed more deck time this week!

She would hop from kitchen to deck over and over, with a few binkies along the way!

A Lazy Vegan rainbow!
Beatrix Potter (of Peter Rabbit fame) walking her pet rabbit and holding him below!

I think Wasabi should be up for an Academy Award - just for being a drama bun!
Passing the time eating the Cypress trees!

 This is exciting- the new sign went up at the coffee shop!  Now it is officially "Nick's Coffee Shop"!!  With the proud owners, Nick and Karina!  The sign is beautiful - handcarved by a customer!