Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The First Day of Spring, the Big Storm and the Adventure of No Power for Four Days at the Lazy Vegan!

UPDATE APRIL 1st - Was not able to retrieve all the photos that go along with the captions in this post!  And now the captions don't really match the photos! Bummer...
What a way to welcome Spring - with a huge storm followed by no power for four days!  We hunkered down and weathered the elements and the lack of electricity at the Lazy Vegan.  The animals all seemed blissfully unaware of the fact that we were sitting around by candlelight every evening.  In fact, Wasabi loved hanging out with the dogs all night!  I was o.k. for about one day - and then the "survivalist" routine got old.  It did make me realize, however, that we are ill-prepared for a big disaster - such as an earthquake - so I took this week as a wake-up call to get the supplies we need and be more prepared!  Happy Spring to all!
I found this dress at Target - with BUNNIES all over it!  It is the perfect Easter dress!

The foreman sure has perfected that blog smile of his!
Wasabi explores the kitchen chairs.
Solo gets a heating pad all of the time now...except when the power was out!
Soggy days for the donks!

Helping clean out the barn!

Spending time in the barn with my boys!

Orange cat (a.k.a. "Archie") came by for a long visit!

I fed him some dinner on a log.

I think he is such a beautiful cat.  But I am trying to still stay emotionally detached!
Yummy dinner!

Those eyes!

Toby has been spending more quality time with Wasabi lately.
You gotta love Costco for bunny boxes!
Bravo makes the perfect scarf holder while I get dressed!
Planning the day!

The foreman has been working on a special Wasabi song that shall be featured in a video on a future blog posting!
Look at that bunny hop!

How could you not fall in love with this bun???
Celebrating St. Patrick's Day with the old pup!

Oh, my....what lounging animal companions we have!

Checking out another new Costco box!
This little birdie samples the rest of the sweet grain.
Paco was not thrilled to hear the very loud sound of the neighbors' (two of them) generators going off when the power was off!
As long as her salad arrived on time, Wasabi didn't care if she dined in the near-dark.

Rainy day fun in the living room with the bun!

After the storm we had some hours of sunshine!

Look at all the new green grass!

Flood waters below.
Paco doing his ridiculous expression!

Ready to kiss the foreman!
Trying to get a donkey to pose!

The donks were kicking up their heels!

In the photos above, Wasabi is actually airborne (even though it looks like she's on the ground) - she's doing a binky!!!

Exploring new parts of the living room (on a blanket!).

Just one of the many candlelit evenings!
I went to Snap's house one morning while she was at work to use her P J & E (that's Pacific JEANNE and Electric!).  Of course, I had to take some photos.  Above are her cereal choices..."Joe's O's" or "Whole O's"!!
Everything in her house seems smaller ...including her hairdryer...(smaller than my hairdryer!)
...and her iron (smaller than my iron!)
I browsed her bookshelf and came up with some very interesting choices!

I don't know about all the rubber duckies...this looks a little bit like intensive confinement to me!
Of course I had to rearrange some of her stuffed animals and give them some reading material before I left!
Oh, just ANOTHER night without power!

The foreman managed to smile through it!

Wasabi really didn't care about the lack of electricity at all.
Lining up for carrot treat time!

Bravo keeps watch.
On the third day of no power, I bought a new camping light that was great - it lit up the entire kitchen.
Toby and Wasabi - so cute!

Who can spot the deer doing his "business"?

Flood waters!
More candlelight!
OMG - so excited about the purchase of my new American Red Cross radio/flashlight!  It even has a place where you can recharge your cell phone...very handy for a true disaster!

The boys graze safely out of the way of the water.
Thankfully we had some good library books to read - by candlelight!
Silly donkeys!

Orange cat came by on one of the nights to get a good  meal!

There he goes, off into the night.
Explorer bun!

The donks soaking up some sun.

A pair of geese swim in the flooded creek.
The turkey I call "Hank" - he is always alone.  I often see him looking at his reflection in the big bumper of the truck - I think he thinks it is another turkey!  I even heard him making funny clucking noises while he looked.  It is very endearing.
There goes that explorer bun again.  And this completes this week's blog...a few days late!