Sunday, March 27, 2011

Goodbye to the Last Week of March, Orange Cat Has a Ripped Ear, The Power Goes out AGAIN and Other Riveting News at the Lazy Vegan!

 OMG, are we sick of rain...YET???? Accuweather promised sunshine today, but, alas, none appeared.  It was a rainy week and a dreary one, especially when we were out of power.  The power actually went out again today and I confess I had a mini meltdown!  Thankfully it returned about an hour later...PG & E was just testing us!  Despite all of this doom and gloominess, life is good at the Lazy Vegan.  The animals are all happy, and that's all that matters!  Orange Cat (a.k.a. "Archie") showed up for a nice visit...minus a corner of his left ear!  It looks as if somebody took a little bite out of it!  He seems fine otherwise, and for the first time I was able to pick him up.  I'm looking forward to the day when we see him every day (hopefully he'll end up being with us permanently).   Had some major issues posting photos to the blog today, but after switching from Internet Explorer to Google Chrome I was able to do it.  That's about the extent of my computer abilities.  And so, dear blog reader, here are this week's photos!
 Nothing like munching on an old cereal box!
 We like to call Wasabi "E.B." when she goes around - she's an Explorer Bunny!
 Hop, hop, hop.
 Hanging out in the kitchen.
 Sensing "mama's" unhappiness about the lack of power!
 Chillin' with the pups.

 Nothing to do put play and eat hay!

 Good to the very last strand!
 Even the donks are getting tired of the dreary days.

 Lounging Weegie.
 Weegie was so into his nap that it took him a while to realize that carrot treats were right in front of him!

 I love it when Toby crosses his paws!

 So cute!

 Very dignified.
 Solo and his heating pad.
 I was determined to get all of my walks and runs in this week, despite the weather.
 Solo and the foreman!

 I love it that Costco now sells organic brown rice!  We went through the last 12 lb. bag in just 4 weeks!

 While Bravo relaxes, Toby does his ball routine.

 The turkeys head for the trees.
 Weegie taking a mud bath!

 The foreman spotted Archie out the window and we quickly put together a plate of food for him.

 Patiently waiting for Archie to come closer!

 He is very reserved at first but then warms up pretty quickly.

 Notice the chunk out of the top of his ear!

 Silly cat.

 Double pets.

 A first- picking him up!  He even purred!

Not the most exciting blog this week...but the best one can do when one functions without power (for part of the time!).