Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Orange Cat, the Yellow Umbrella, the Fight at the Bunny Playground and the New Garden Gate at the Lazy Vegan!

Spring is right around the corner and it is becoming obvious at the Lazy Vegan!  The rosemary is blooming and the veggie garden is waiting to be planted - and the donkeys are eager to sneak some bites of a new garden!  The foreman started work on a beautiful new garden gate.  A lot went on this week, including a long visit with Orange Cat.  We found out that Orange Cat (tentatively we are actually calling him "Archie") was trapped and fixed by the neighbors, which was really nice of them...but they are pretty sure they won't be able to keep him since they're tenants and will soon be moving.  SO, of course we said that we would take him in!  He hung out with me for the longest time the other day and then spent time with the foreman one evening.  I think he knows he has a home here if he wants one!  He'll most likely remain an outdoor cat, but I'm thinking he might want to eventually spend evenings in the cabin...we'll see.  Big fight this week at the bunny playground...between Wasabi and Josephine!  Both met up with one another in one of the tunnels and the fur FLEW.  It was a scary couple of seconds while we frantically got them separated (hard to do when they're inside a tunnel!), but luckily nobody - er, noBUNNY - was seriously hurt.  Wasabi did manage to chomp an impressive chunk of fur out of Josephine, but apparently she was already being a sourpuss and had to have a time out before Wasabi arrived.  Drama!
The new garden gate happens to match the donkey fencing!
The donkeys supervised.

The foreman gets everything measured.
The donkeys can hardly wait to be nibbling on tomato leaves again!

Carrying the bag of cement...the foreman also sawed that custom post.

Mixing the cement!
At the bunny playground, hanging out with Phoebe.
Miko totally relaxes while Josephine (on a time out) watches!
Wasabi loves the attention she gets!

Her good old friend Rupert was visiting!
More attention.

Taking a break in the box.
A new bunny named Irwin - he was found running along the highway near the town of Bodega with two other bunnies- all of them petrified!  Luckily a smart person rescued all of them.  Irwin is super friendly.
Willow takes a nap in Wasabi's litter box!
The new Sunbrella umbrella!
Setting it up in the evening.
I love the cheerful color on a rainy day!

The foreman says hi to the morning crew.
A Junco rests.

Wasabi enjoys the Sunday comics!
Showing off the garden gate-to-be.

I wore my colorful boots in the corral - but found out they're really not quite made for MUD!

Paco needs some boots!
The foreman arriving home with the super heavy wood for the posts.

Clover in the donkey corral - no doubt there's a four-leaf one in there!
I love it that the foreman wore his Vegan cap into Mead Clark Lumber.
The horse and his reflection across the way.
Toby is the first one to line up to enjoy the fire in the evenings!

Toby walks by what looks like the spot where a spaceship landed...but actually it is the spot where the foreman was contemplating putting in a new fountain!
Solo managed to walk all the way down to check out the new gate.

The foreman planted all of these tiny plants months ago (Euphoria) and now they are big and beautiful!

Poor Solo ...I think he is actually a bit afraid of Wasabi!

Wasabi smells dinner!
The motley trio.
Orange Cat!  A.k.a. "Archie"!
We found out he's probably a "Maine Coon" cat.
He was super friendly and I had the best time hanging out with him!

He has amazing blue eyes.

I still miss my Boulder very much, but I think he would have been happy to see a new cat hanging out in his place.
I stopped to see Snap at her office, and could not resist photographing the sign she put on the door instructing people on how to get out.
I love the question mark!

The evening routine.

Funny bunny in her cottage.

Racing over to see her buddy Bravo!

That's a donkey dust-bath going on!
Bravo relaxes.

Hanging out with the donks.

I finally made some kale chips- so easy to make and so good!  It is amazing how they shrink up, though...a big bunch of kale becomes a tiny amount of "chips"!

The pups tried one.
The fire at night.
Wasabi keeps updated on the crisis in Libya.
Standing up for salad time!

Always fun to check out the dog toys.

Hank, the lone turkey.
The bees love the blossoming rosemary!
At Forget Me Not farm, where I will soon be volunteering!!  I got to hold one of these lambs and he pooped on my arm.  He was so soft and so cute!

This hilarious duck came rushing over to quack hello!
Oliver the pig!  There are many more animals at the farm, including a donkey named Carmen!  I'll post more about my volunteering stint next week!